View Full Version : Eoin Murray

13th March 2007, 18:38
he will show up at brands wont he??

13th March 2007, 18:38
i hope so

Alfa Fan
13th March 2007, 18:43
Its possible the deal was done very late and there will be a formal annoucement soon?

Captain VXR
13th March 2007, 18:46
I hope Eoin and Mark Smith can find a way of getting their Alfas into the BTCC

13th March 2007, 18:48
It might be that his entry was registered only after Feb 26th so he wasn't allowed at media day. I hope he is at Brands Hatch.

13th March 2007, 21:13
Murray was there for part of today. His car was used for Pinkney/Marsh's launch, as they don't yet have their cars.

13th March 2007, 23:05
I thought the "new" Alfa wasn't shiny enough for a new car!