View Full Version : Chevrolets to STCC

Captain VXR
8th December 2006, 17:34
Are these 2006 or 2007 ones?
Is it doom for Clyde Valley or is the Chevrolet backing a good sign for Clyde Valley

8th December 2006, 19:06
They would have to be new-build ones......say tdb has always said, there isnt any left

Captain VXR
9th December 2006, 09:11
So number of Chevrolets built:
3 - 2 to Maurer one not sure where
3 - all to Denmark
at least 4 possibly 6 - 3 WTCC 1STCC 2BTCC if Clyde Valley find money
And seeing as they are works versus works Opels nobody said Clyde Valley will not be works.

tin-top fan
9th December 2006, 12:23
It doesn't look like Chevrolet are putting that much backing into this swedish entry though, as it says that the team is buying the car and technical support from RML (who build and run the cars in the WTCC). So this sounds like they are a customer of Chevrolet rather than a works team to be honest.