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22nd August 2010, 21:10
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Entries close at 06:00 GMT on Thursday, August 27th, 2010.
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Thanks to PLuto for the entry list information.

23rd August 2010, 09:09
PICKEM:72275,sal,J Kopecky,F Loix,G Wilks,J Hanninen,K Meeke,B Bouffier,T Neuville,R Kresta

23rd August 2010, 09:41
PICKEM:98933,Eyvind,J Kopecky,J Hanninen,R Kresta,K Meeke,P Valousek Jr.,F Loix,V Pech Jr.,B Bouffier

23rd August 2010, 10:10
PICKEM:87655,Salist,J Kopecky,R Kresta,V Pech Jr.,F Loix,T Neuville,K Meeke,J Hanninen,G Wilks

23rd August 2010, 10:38
PICKEM:71184,hari,J Kopecky,F Loix,J Hanninen,P Valousek Jr.,R Kresta,G Wilks,B Bouffier,A Mikkelsen

23rd August 2010, 10:53
PICKEM:126672,vino_93,J Kopecky,J Hanninen,F Loix,P Valousek Jr.,R Kresta,G Wilks,B Bouffier,G Grzyb

Maui J.
23rd August 2010, 11:45
PICKEM:79557,Maui J.,J Kopecky,F Loix,K Meeke,B Bouffier,J Hanninen,R Kresta,T Neuville,A Mikkelsen

23rd August 2010, 11:58
PICKEM:98018,Mirek Fric [Cze],J Kopecky,F Loix,K Meeke,R Kresta,B Bouffier,P Valousek Jr.,T Neuville,V Pech Jr.

23rd August 2010, 13:38
PICKEM:83946,Sulland,F Loix,J Kopecky,J Hanninen,K Meeke,R Kresta,A Mikkelsen,N Mcshea,T Neuville

23rd August 2010, 13:54
PICKEM:98158,Mintexmemory,K Meeke,J Kopecky,J Hanninen,F Loix,G Wilks,V Pech Jr.,N Mcshea,T Neuville

Luis Pacheco
23rd August 2010, 14:10
PICKEM:99405,Luis Pacheco,J Kopecky,F Loix,R Kresta,J Hanninen,K Meeke,B Bouffier,A Mikkelsen,V Pech Jr.

23rd August 2010, 14:50
PICKEM:80185,Fly,J Kopecky,K Meeke,F Loix,J Hanninen,R Kresta,B Bouffier,V Pech Jr.,A Mikkelsen

23rd August 2010, 14:52
PICKEM:81807,Madeira,J Kopecky,F Loix,R Kresta,P Valousek Jr.,J Hanninen,B Bouffier,V Pech Jr.,T Neuville

23rd August 2010, 15:27
PICKEM:92622,pettersolberg29,J Kopecky,F Loix,J Hanninen,V Pech Jr.,K Meeke,A Mikkelsen,G Wilks,T Neuville

23rd August 2010, 15:37
PICKEM:98947,Raini,F Loix,J Hanninen,J Kopecky,K Meeke,A Mikkelsen,G Wilks,R Kresta,B Bouffier

23rd August 2010, 16:45
PICKEM:168821,RICARDO75,J Kopecky,K Meeke,F Loix,P Valousek Jr.,J Hanninen,B Bouffier,R Kresta,G Wilks

23rd August 2010, 17:18
PICKEM:96866,pantealex,J Hanninen,J Kopecky,K Meeke,G Wilks,F Loix,A Mikkelsen,R Kresta,F Wittmann Jr.

23rd August 2010, 19:28
PICKEM:92622,pettersolberg29,J Kopecky,J Hanninen,F Loix,P Valousek Jr.,K Meeke,G Wilks,T Neuville,A Mikkelsen

Neil J
23rd August 2010, 19:59
PICKEM:84717,Neil J,J Hanninen,G Wilks,K Meeke,F Loix,J Kopecky,R Kresta,B Bouffier,A Mikkelsen

23rd August 2010, 23:28
PICKEM:156751,[RMC]Pip,F Loix,J Hanninen,R Kresta,K Meeke,G Wilks,B Bouffier,P Valousek Jr.,V Pech Jr.

24th August 2010, 10:35
PICKEM:111475,tolis11,J Kopecky,K Meeke,J Hanninen,F Loix,B Bouffier,P Valousek Jr.,V Pech Jr.,T Neuville

jonny hurlock
24th August 2010, 19:27
PICKEM:90916,jonny hurlock,J Hanninen,J Kopecky,K Meeke,F Loix,G Wilks,B Bouffier,C Fontana,V Pech Jr.

Wasted Talent
24th August 2010, 19:52
PICKEM:73138,Wasted Talent,J Kopecky,R Kresta,K Meeke,F Loix,J Hanninen,C Fontana,P Valousek Jr.,G Wilks

24th August 2010, 23:16
PICKEM:86703,themo,J Hanninen,J Kopecky,F Loix,K Meeke,G Wilks,A Mikkelsen,V Pech Jr.,B Bouffier

25th August 2010, 00:25
PICKEM:71384,PLuto,B Bouffier,K Meeke,F Loix,J Hanninen,P Valousek Jr.,G Wilks,F Wittmann Jr.,N Mcshea

25th August 2010, 07:43
PICKEM:99816,wwbroe,F Loix,B Bouffier,J Kopecky,G Wilks,V Pech Jr.,A Mikkelsen,T Neuville,P Valousek Jr.

25th August 2010, 12:04
PICKEM:73249,COD,J Kopecky,J Hanninen,F Loix,K Meeke,R Kresta,G Wilks,B Bouffier,J Tarabus

25th August 2010, 12:57
PICKEM:93603,Alexamateo,J Kopecky,K Meeke,F Loix,R Kresta,J Hanninen,B Bouffier,G Wilks,A Mikkelsen

25th August 2010, 14:10
PICKEM:88580,Wim_Impreza,J Kopecky,F Loix,J Hanninen,K Meeke,P Valousek Jr.,R Kresta,B Bouffier,A Mikkelsen

25th August 2010, 18:00
PICKEM:86554,animrallye,J Kopecky,F Loix,K Meeke,J Hanninen,R Kresta,T Neuville,B Bouffier,V Pech Jr.

26th August 2010, 04:17
PICKEM:94311,Priorat,J Kopecky,F Loix,J Hanninen,A Mikkelsen,K Meeke,T Neuville,C Fontana,G Wilks

26th August 2010, 08:02
PICKEM:155701,Gordini,K Meeke,J Kopecky,F Loix,A Mikkelsen,J Hanninen,N Mcshea,B Bouffier,T Neuville

Mv Toy
26th August 2010, 08:48
PICKEM:87520,Mv Toy,J Kopecky,J Hanninen,K Meeke,A Mikkelsen,F Loix,R Kresta,T Neuville,B Bouffier

26th August 2010, 09:19
PICKEM:117703,mm1,J Kopecky,F Loix,K Meeke,J Hanninen,B Bouffier,R Kresta,G Wilks,T Neuville

26th August 2010, 12:14
PICKEM:91836,Lousada,J Kopecky,F Loix,B Bouffier,J Hanninen,K Meeke,R Kresta,P Valousek Jr.,J Tarabus

26th August 2010, 13:19
PICKEM:83837,teufel,J Kopecky,F Loix,R Kresta,P Valousek Jr.,K Meeke,V Pech Jr.,G Wilks,B Bouffier

26th August 2010, 14:07
PICKEM:97776,Filip,V Pech Jr.,J Kopecky,K Meeke,B Bouffier,J Hanninen,J Beres Jr.,G Wilks,J Orsak

26th August 2010, 15:37
PICKEM:99253,Abarth,J Kopecky,K Meeke,J Hanninen,R Kresta,F Loix,A Mikkelsen,N Mcshea,G Wilks

26th August 2010, 22:30
PICKEM:73524,harriswrc,J Kopecky,K Meeke,F Loix,R Kresta,J Hanninen,B Bouffier,A Mikkelsen,P Valousek Jr.

cut the b.s.
26th August 2010, 23:20
PICKEM:91702,cut the b.s.,J Kopecky,F Loix,J Hanninen,G Wilks,R Kresta,B Bouffier,T Neuville,N Mcshea