View Full Version : Will Colin and Tom struggle?

5th March 2007, 16:37
Do you reckon Turkington and TOC will have it a bit tough this year as they're in RWD cars? Thinking about it I don't think either of them have raced RWD cars before.

suzy m
5th March 2007, 17:05
I don't know about Tom O-C but Colin has certainly never raced a RWD car before. He was out testing at Pembrey the other week and from what I hear he got on fine, although obviously had no-one to judge times against. Iain should be able to tell you more about the test as I wasn't really listening when he was telling me. :p :

5th March 2007, 17:07
was that in the new e90 ??

The mad monk
5th March 2007, 17:24
Tom has loads of experience in RWD;he did T cars,and believe me,these are a superb training ground for anyone.A great little car,well overpriced(which is the real shame),but otherwise they teach you many aspects of driving/technical/racecraft/powerslides/set-up etc,so no problem for Tom.
Colin?not sure,but you can bet that his upbringing in Ireland would have included RWD somewhere along the line!
Now.....Matt Jackson. no problem!

5th March 2007, 18:32
was that in the new e90 ??

Not their own car, but the loan car that was on show at Autosport. Their own E90 kits started to get put together a few weeks ago.

Karting, motocross and quads are the only RWD motorsport Colin has done before. He did autograss in a Mini, but that was FWD as far as I know.

From what those in the know say, it's more difficult to go to FWD after years of doing only RWD, rather than the other way about. Would you say that as well Chris?

Ian McC
5th March 2007, 19:57
I still think they will struggle in that car though I am happy to be proved wrong :D

Brown, Jon Brow
5th March 2007, 20:32
Tom did T-cars so I don't think he'll have many problems, but R/WD shouldn't be difficult for Colin and is a more natural way of driving if you think about it.