View Full Version : New buggys coming out soon from Bedo's Motorsports

4th March 2007, 04:41
we at Bedo's Motorsports, have entered an agreement with another buggy builder(stone city ranch raceway) to produce a new line of buggys. there will be 3 different models, ranging from 18 HP to 35HP vtwins and 4 different body styles(troghy truck, vw baja, ford bronco, mini buggy). the mini buggy should be available in late june 2007 and the others hopefully soon after that. we hoping to have them priced reasonably so familys can enjoy them and help get the younger crowd interested in off roading and these will have the latest of safety features(roll cage, 5 point harness). we will also offer a large range of bolt on aftermarket accessories to help boost HP. they will be single seaters. also, we have become tenn's sole dealer for the newest import buggy, the LJ1100. it is 1100cc DOC. roughly 70HP 4 speed/reverse, 2 seater. these have the hardened cv joints and axles, but we do offer aftermarket chomoly cv and axles with a lifetime warranty. and they are beautiful. if any are interested, please visit us at our site. thank you and hope to see everyone on the trials in our new buggys soon.


18th March 2007, 01:24
We at Bedo's Motorsports have added another great buggy to our lineup. Motormax USA Inc., american made buggys. With vtwin power to Fox shocks.
These are some really nice buggys. 3 styles, single seater, double seater sand rail, and a double seater woods buggys. Coming soon, 4 seater. Come by and check them out.

18th March 2007, 22:23
Lotsa luck with your new friends :rolleyes: