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1st March 2010, 19:23
This club also has a fun run open to any newcomers. Come out to a race and they'll put you on the track even if you don't have a kart........

SKC Racers Pick Karting Over Football

6-7 February 2010: Despite a forecast of the worst Mid-Atlantic snowstorm in history, rain all preceding week in the South, a virtual guarantee of cold weather, a continued bad economy, and the desire to watch the Superbowl on Sunday, about 200 entries decided they couldn’t miss the can’t miss event of February and made the trek to Pooler Georgia for the Southern Kart Club’s Inaugural Event of 2010 at the historic Roebling Road. Raceway. Except for a red flagged Yamaha race on Sunday, practice and the races ran on schedule and virtually uninterrupted both days. Highlights of Saturday’s events include:

·PP Can Sprint 360 #1 saw SKC David Williams bring his tried and true Pinkie to finish line ahead of fellow competitors (no he was not provided a hometown hero starting advantage).
·A large field in Clone 360 provided a thrilling race with the lead group proving, when you’re down on horsepower, it helps to have a friend who will block the wind for you. Dennis Claunch found himself leading the pack at the checkered with the top 8 karts following closely behind driven by 2 Greg Goff, 3 Robert Garland, 4 Joe Cuslidge, 5 Larry Palmer, 6 Wes Thomason, 7 Cyndi Cole, and 8 Wayne Hisaw.
·Briggs Animal Limited Modified 385 #1 was won by Dr. Clone himself, Dominic Greco and Ben Morris close behind.
·Jr. Sprint Lite found Floridian and long-time SKC junior member Tyler Scott in front of Brian Cosgrove.
·The field of Briggs LO206 360 karts showed very impressive lap speeds with Todd King and Myra Urso finishing 1-2 ahead of the competition.
·The SKC’s desire to encourage all Yamaha laydown competitors to don the right exhaust and run in it’s Yamaha Enduro 1 class rather than being dispersed among numerous classes proved successful with a large field. While we had several DNS karts in this class, 12 managed to make the run:

1 Richard Marz
2 Wilshire Walkup
3 Shane Grossman
4 Charles Fox
5 Lindsay Fox
6 Michael McCombs
7 Jim Myers
8 Ben Thomason
9 David Armstrong
10 Kathy Davis
11 David Libby
DQ Scott Coffman (weight)
·Controlled Spec1 found Kelly Lawrence making weight and keeping it running to beat Lance and Jim Fry who both took the DQ.
·We’re not sure why but Charles Berning was the only classic kart to make it to the grid (there were others in the pits, what happened to you guys?). And for some reason unbeknownst to this writer, Charles (aka) Chip was DQ’d. Note to Chip: There’s no reason to run a cheater engine or go light on weight when you only have to beat yourselfJ
·David Williams proved to be the king of 2 cycle Sprints one again with the win in Sprint 1 over Jimmy Duguay and several DNS/DQ entries.
·Briggs Animal 335 may have still been too heavy of a weight for Greg Goff and Ron Hodges who both took a DQ (guys, let me drive it, I’ll make weight. Guarantee it).
·Briggs Animal 385#2 had a very fast field with Dennis Claunch proving to be the class of the 4 stroke field once again ahead of 2 Clyde Taylor, 3 Jamie Webb, 4 Jim Blackwell, and 5 Dominic Greco.
·Open Sprint 1 was won by William Evans, followed by 2 Robert Anderson, and 3 Nelson Hicks.
·Only 1 Stock Leopard Sprint made it to the grid but Chuck Gafrarar proved why he’s a household name amongst the karting community.
·DD2 #1 Non-Points was led by Nick Weil followed closely by Joe Velice.
·Yamaha Enduro 1 Non-Points had a very fast laydown field with Lance Yunck beating 2 Joseph Sanoske to the checker followed by 3 Jimmy Driggers, and 4 Andrew Stolte. We had several DNS karts in this class including David Stolte who may have spent too much time turning wrenches for Andrew rather than his own kart?
·Controlled Spec 1 Non-Points had just one entry with Michael Tracy dceciding to forego the scales.
·Shifter 1 was won by Josh Davis followed by 2 Stephen Flatt, 3 Chuck Weaver, and 4 Clarence Ricks.
·The lighting quick but less than reliable Unlimited 1 field was led by Mike Hickey, followed by 2 Kerry Yunck, 3 Mark Croslyn, 4 George Sunderland Jr. with Darryl Berry taking a DQ.
·DD2 #1 was won by head DD2 cheerleader and cook Nick Weil, followed by 2 Roy Beatty, 3 Thom (Hog Killer) Andresen with several DNS and DQ entries including Jeff Futch, Frank Vilece, and Joe Vilece.
·TaG 1 had Chuck Gafrarar edging out Brian Henry to the flag.
·The cutest and happiest member of the SKC family, Violet Greco wrapped up Saturday action winning the cadet class.

Saturday’s races were followed by the friendliest, most unique, tastiest and cheapest (free) family banquet in the business with SKC once again proving why it is the can’t miss series on the east coast. Nick Weil cooked his steaks along with Thom Andressen’s wild caught lean boar (yes, there were veggies, soups and salads too) and what looked like enough to feed the State of Georgia turned out to be just enough as the hungry karters and their families and friends ate it all down to the last femur. Adult and kid beverages were consumed while eating Cheasapeake oysters that this writer brought from all the way from Baltimore while we listened to Emcee Jeff Mott deliver the awards for the 2009 season as well as a host of extravagant and exotic door prizes. (Those one of a kind HUGE clone trophies shaped and sized like an engine are enough to make one join the class). As a well fed and hydrated group retired, many went to the campers or hotels to watch NASCAR action from Daytona and dream of Sunday’s time on the track.

Sunday brought another round of hot action including SKC’s patented 90 minute (or longer—we’ll tell you the exact time at the driver’s meeting) endurance race.

·Clone 385 found Dennis Claunch doing it again (hey Dennis, let someone else win for a change) over 2 Robert Garland, 3 Tom Cole, 4 Joe Cuslidge, 5 Jamie Webb, 6 Larry Palmer, 7 John Sanoskee, 8 Wayne Hisaw and several DQs including Wesley Thomason and Shane Grossman.
·Briggs LO206 385 found Clyde Taylor edging 2 Todd King, and 3 Myra Urso.
·Briggs Animal Limited Modified 385 #2 had a VERY fast Dominic Greco beating
Ben Morris (never thought this writer would see 4 storkes that could go that quick and still stay together).
·PP Can Sprint 360 #2 had David Williams scaring the competition away and beating himself.
·Junior Sprint 2 had Tyler Scott outpacing Brian Cosgrove.
·The pits emptied while everyone came to pit wall to watch Cadet 2 with Chris Kuley edging Violet Greco. Imagine the thrill those kids have running the big track.
·Shifter 2 had Clarence (Bigfoot) Ricks takig the win over Stephen Flatt.
·Unlimited 2 had George Sunderland Jr. taking David William’s lead and scaring the competition away to beat himself over Darryl Berry and Jim Brannon who had mechanical issues in practice.
·DD2 #2 found Nick Weil over 2 Roy Beatty, 3 Thom Andresen, and several DNS/DQ entries.
·TaG 2 was led by Brian Henry over 2 Cory Montgomery, and 3 Chuck Gafrarar (nice of you to let someone else have a trophy Chuck).
·A national caliber (in terms of field size and speed) group of Yamaha Enduro karts followed with Shane (Facebook) Grossman, leading 2 Lindsay (Salt Flat) Fox, 3 Richard Marz, 4 Charles Fox, 5 David Armstrong, 6 Jim Myers, 7 Travis Feagin, 8 David Libby,
9 Wilshire Walkup, 10 Joseph Sanoske, 11 Ben Thomason, 12 Kelly Moore and a host of DNS/DQ entries.
·Controlled Spec 2 was won by Kelly Lawrence who once again outpaced the field.
·David Williams didn’t manage to scare away ALL the competition in WKA Sprint 2 but he still brought just enough to outpace Jimmy Duguay.
·Briggs Animal 360 had 2 karts maing it to the checker with Jim Blackwell beating
2 Greg Goff ahead of several DQ entries.
·Briggs Junior 2 had Joey Kuley taking a DQ.
·Stock Leopard Sprint 2 found Chuck Gafrarar failing to make it to the grid.
·A quick Open Sprint 2 field was won by William Evans beating 2 Nelson Hicks, and 3 Robert Anderson.
·Yamaha Enduro 2 Non-Points found race director Bobby Moore beating 2 Jimmy Driggers, 3 Andrew Stolte and several DNS entries including David Stolte and Scott Coffman.
·The last race of the day was the unique sit-up endurance race. A good sized field lined up to hear the through rules briefing from flagman Larry Stewart. Drivers out of karts during fuel stops, etc, etc—let’s go racing boys!!! Proving to finish first you must first finish, only 3 karts were still running at the end with Dominic Greco completing 52 laps over Nick Weil (Dominic and Nick traded karts during their stops with both drivers making the entire distance) and 3 71 year old George Sunderland SR. running for 38 minutes before being relieved by his son and Chip Berring. The remaining karts including those piloted by Tom Cole and Greg Goff suffered mechanical issues and did not make the distance.

Sound like fun? Put May 14-16 on your calendar now. Do it now!! As the SKC does it again for the WKA national with a full field of races, gimmick events and the friendly laid-back atmosphere you can only find in Savannah. Fr more info, go to southernkartclub.com

2nd March 2010, 13:50
A Few of the karts: