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10th November 2009, 23:57
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12th November 2009, 00:54
PICKEM:99761,wotaguy,K Meeke,G Wilks,D Bogie,F Wittmann,A McRae,A Fisher,D Weston,J Greer

farquar wrc
12th November 2009, 09:55
PICKEM:86863,farquar wrc,K Meeke,A McRae,G Wilks,K Cronin,D Bogie,D Weston,F Wittmann,A Fisher

12th November 2009, 10:29
PICKEM:95167,M5,K Meeke,G Wilks,A McRae,F Wittmann,E Boland,A Gould,K Cronin,D Siguroarson

13th November 2009, 07:40
PICKEM:83946,Sulland,G Wilks,K Meeke,A McRae,F Wittmann,E Boland,D Bogie,A Gould,A Fisher

13th November 2009, 09:08
PICKEM:103450,morganmilan,K Meeke,G Wilks,K Cronin,J Greer,F Wittmann,A McRae,A Gould,D Weston

Maui J.
13th November 2009, 09:24
PICKEM:79557,Maui J.,K Meeke,G Wilks,A McRae,A Gould,A Fisher,K Cronin,E Boland,F Wittmann

13th November 2009, 11:52
PICKEM:81807,Madeira,K Meeke,G Wilks,E Boland,A McRae,A Fisher,F Wittmann,D Weston,J Greer

13th November 2009, 12:01
PICKEM:72275,sal,K Meeke,G Wilks,K Cronin,F Wittmann,A McRae,A Fisher,D Bogie,J Armstrong

13th November 2009, 12:10
PICKEM:86554,animrallye,K Meeke,G Wilks,A McRae,K Cronin,E Boland,F Wittmann,D Weston,J Greer

Buzz Lightyear
13th November 2009, 12:32
PICKEM:87240,Buzz Lightyear,K Meeke,G Wilks,K Cronin,A McRae,A Fisher,F Wittmann,A Gould,E Boland

Elgin Man
16th November 2009, 15:15
PICKEM:93130,Elgin Man,K Meeke,G Wilks,D Bogie,A McRae,K Cronin,A Gould,F Wittmann,E Thorburn

16th November 2009, 16:02
PICKEM:98485,GTA,G Wilks,K Meeke,A McRae,J Greer,A Gould,K Cronin,E Boland,A Fisher

16th November 2009, 16:24
PICKEM:73249,COD,G Wilks,K Meeke,A Gould,K Cronin,A McRae,F Wittmann,D Weston,J Greer

16th November 2009, 16:57
PICKEM:87655,Salist,K Meeke,G Wilks,K Cronin,F Wittmann,E Boland,D Bogie,J Greer,K Koitla

16th November 2009, 19:20
PICKEM:85106,Mihai,G Wilks,K Meeke,A Gould,D Bogie,F Wittmann,A McRae,E Boland,J Greer

16th November 2009, 21:36
PICKEM:98066,Cloverleaf,K Meeke,A Gould,G Wilks,K Cronin,F Wittmann,D Bogie,E Boland,A McRae

17th November 2009, 06:12
PICKEM:75580,Jaanus,G Wilks,K Meeke,A Gould,D Bogie,J Greer,A McRae,K Koitla,E Boland

17th November 2009, 13:22
PICKEM:83837,teufel,K Meeke,G Wilks,A Gould,D Weston,F Wittmann,E Boland,T Stebani,K Koitla

17th November 2009, 14:40
PICKEM:71384,PLuto,K Meeke,G Wilks,K Cronin,A Gould,D Bogie,A McRae,A Fisher,J Greer

18th November 2009, 05:20
PICKEM:93603,Alexamateo,G Wilks,K Meeke,A Gould,K Cronin,A Fisher,A McRae,J Greer,D Bogie

18th November 2009, 14:28
PICKEM:88580,Wim_Impreza,K Meeke,G Wilks,K Cronin,A Gould,F Wittmann,E Boland,A Fisher,K Koitla

19th November 2009, 10:09
PICKEM:73524,harriswrc,K Meeke,G Wilks,K Cronin,A McRae,A Gould,F Wittmann,A Fisher,D Weston

Brother John
19th November 2009, 10:30
PICKEM:89654,Brother John,G Wilks,K Meeke,F Wittmann,A McRae,E Boland,S Rousseaux,A Gould,J Armstrong

19th November 2009, 10:58
PICKEM:80564,J.Lindstroem,K Meeke,G Wilks,A Gould,A McRae,F Wittmann,K Cronin,E Boland,T Cave

jonny hurlock
19th November 2009, 12:06
PICKEM:90916,jonny hurlock,K Meeke,G Wilks,K Cronin,A Gould,D Bogie,F Wittmann,J Greer,A McRae

19th November 2009, 12:09
PICKEM:91836,Lousada,K Meeke,G Wilks,A Gould,K Cronin,F Wittmann,D Bogie,E Boland,A Fisher

19th November 2009, 14:18
PICKEM:111475,tolis11,K Meeke,G Wilks,K Cronin,D Bogie,A Gould,A Fisher,D Weston,E Boland

19th November 2009, 16:14
PICKEM:100770,alterdaxter,K Meeke,G Wilks,K Cronin,A Gould,D Bogie,A Fisher,E Boland,A McRae

Luis Pacheco
19th November 2009, 17:00
PICKEM:99405,Luis Pacheco,K Meeke,G Wilks,K Cronin,D Bogie,A Gould,A Fisher,D Weston,E Boland

19th November 2009, 17:29
PICKEM:159947,rally-rover,K Meeke,G Wilks,K Cronin,D Bogie,A McRae,F Wittmann,A Fisher,D Weston

19th November 2009, 20:09
PICKEM:111475,tolis11,K Cronin,A McRae,G Wilks,F Wittmann,D Bogie,K Meeke,D Weston,J Greer

19th November 2009, 20:24
PICKEM:100770,alterdaxter,K Meeke,G Wilks,K Cronin,A Gould,D Bogie,A Fisher,A McRae,D Weston

Luis Pacheco
19th November 2009, 20:57
PICKEM:99405,Luis Pacheco,K Meeke,G Wilks,A McRae,A Gould,K Cronin,F Wittmann,D Bogie,E Boland