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7th December 2006, 16:22
Peanuts, slightly salted.

7th December 2006, 17:37
What do you like to dunk in your tea?


Mp3 Astra
7th December 2006, 18:57
When would you like to check your schedule for today?

Darn it, I forgot yet again!

Brown, Jon Brow
7th December 2006, 22:41
What's your name?

It was like that when I got here :s

8th December 2006, 11:49
OMG! What have you done to Astras collection?

You'd have to be really dumb to do that.

8th December 2006, 17:03
What do you think about joining the Word Games forum?

It smells really bad at first, but you get used to it.

Brown, Jon Brow
8th December 2006, 17:06
How would you describe your body odour?

Thank you, I've been working on it

8th December 2006, 17:08
Good to see you spellings improving

Thirty quid? you must be joking

Mp3 Astra
8th December 2006, 22:49
How about this copy of Superman issue one, very cheap I have to say!

Sirloin steak, every time!

8th December 2006, 23:00
What do you like to dunk in your tea?

It was upside down.

8th December 2006, 23:53
How did your wife park your car?

I'll be back in an hour.

9th December 2006, 01:13
Do you mind if I borrow your wife?

Not tonight, I'm too busy doing other things

9th December 2006, 19:29
Fancy a million quid to spend on whatever you wish for the evening?

I prefer cheese.

9th December 2006, 19:45
Can I buy you a drink?

Mine is back-to-front

10th December 2006, 20:05
Is it me or does you bum look odd?

Not since yesterday, which is strange.

10th December 2006, 20:58
Have you been to a wild party lately?

I'd need a long run up

11th December 2006, 00:42
Do you think you could jump over Mp3 Astras dog poo collection?

Berlin tomorrow, Munich Tuesday and then Cologne Wednesday

Dave B
11th December 2006, 13:18
Where will you be receiving postcards from this week?

I'd give it ten minutes, if I were you.

11th December 2006, 16:13
I need to use the loo.

I honestly thought that nobody would mind.

11th December 2006, 21:10
Who have you thrown your food in your neighbours face?

Maybe next week in Brussels.

11th December 2006, 21:13
When do you next plan to use the loo?

I prefer it cold.

12th December 2006, 11:16
Why do you have holes in your pants?

Not enough.

12th December 2006, 11:20
Do you pick your nose?

On a scale of one to ten... I'd say three.

12th December 2006, 11:57
How do you rate your fashion sense?

Apples and oranges

Brown, Jon Brow
12th December 2006, 12:41
What are you getting for Christmas?

Only on Friday nights!! :erm:

12th December 2006, 13:11
Are you good with your hands?

It's a strange use for a DVD

12th December 2006, 14:36
Would you play frisbee with it?

I eat my dinner of it.

12th December 2006, 17:28
What are you doing with that frisbee?

O.k., what the heck, I'll give it a try.

Dave B
12th December 2006, 17:36
Have you ever considered naked bungee-jumping while covered in Nutella and tied to Sharon Osbourne?

No, it really is a gun in my pocket.

13th December 2006, 11:47
Do you have a loaded staple-gun in your pocket or am I seeing things?

With every Christmas card I write.

13th December 2006, 12:53
Are your fingers cramping up?

Well it was nice while it lasted

13th December 2006, 15:50
How did you enjoy this past year?

It's only temporary.

13th December 2006, 16:20
You've take two showers this week instead of two each year, will you go on like that?

Preferably in the evening.

Dave B
13th December 2006, 16:21
When do you like it to start getting dark?

The doctor says it'll probably need amputating.

13th December 2006, 16:25
What did the doctor say about that finger you stuck in Astra's collection?

Go on then, see if I care

13th December 2006, 16:27
Do you mind if I set your car on fire?

Only three times each week.

Dave B
13th December 2006, 16:32
How often did Eastenders used to be on the telly?

I gave it up for Lent.

13th December 2006, 23:10
Do you still like to play with Donney's bananas?

Trust me, you don't want to do that.

14th December 2006, 11:16
Do you want to face the wrath of the bananas?

I think it is off.

14th December 2006, 20:57
How's your banana?

It's not quite what it used to be.

15th December 2006, 09:25
How would you rate Donney's banana these days?

I'll be alright later

15th December 2006, 13:43
How are you holding up after that banana incident?

Medium rare.

15th December 2006, 13:52
How would like your bananas?

Ask me again later.

15th December 2006, 14:44
Don't you think it's time you let someone else have a go on Donney's banana?

a goatee beard and killer sideburns

15th December 2006, 14:48
What do you imagine Donnie's best feature to be?

I have 3, actually.

15th December 2006, 14:58
I heard you nicked one of Donney's bananas?

It's not working out quite like I had planned.

Brown, Jon Brow
16th December 2006, 11:07
How's that banana juice your making?

They seem to smell worse every day!

Mp3 Astra
16th December 2006, 16:18
*on the phone*Now, I left you my dog poo collection to look after over the weekend, how is it?

I want to punch it really hard

16th December 2006, 19:35
What do you want to do with Donney's banana?

I keep it in a box.

16th December 2006, 22:24
And what do YOU do with Donney's banana?

17th December 2006, 03:09
I try staring at it.

Well once you've tried it, it can be quite pleasant.

17th December 2006, 16:26
And how about actually eating donney's banana?

No thank you, I'll wait untill next friday.

Dave B
17th December 2006, 17:40
Would you like a banana next Thursday?

No idea, but Peter Andre was seen running away crying.

17th December 2006, 19:08
Did they serve donney's bananas at the celebrity gathering?

Ask donney!

17th December 2006, 21:24
Do you have the Bananas in pyjamas DVD?

I heard he's driving in DTM next year

17th December 2006, 22:23
What's donney's racing banana doing next year then?


18th December 2006, 10:21
I'm sorry but we have an arrest warrant for the Banana so you'll have to give it up.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

18th December 2006, 15:49
Would you like to spend some quality time with Donney's banana?

It was all a big misunderstanding.

18th December 2006, 16:26
Why did you try to abuse the banana?

Tomorrow at 6.

Dave B
18th December 2006, 16:46
When are they holding the banana collectors' convention?

Bright yellow and bent, naturally.

18th December 2006, 18:12
What's your bicycle seat look like?

Yes, thank you, I'm very proud of it!

18th December 2006, 18:52
Is that fantastic banana yours?

Give it to the monkeys.

18th December 2006, 19:32
What would you do with Dave's bicycle seat?

Only in America

18th December 2006, 20:26
Have you ever seen a bright yellow bicycle seat like Dave's?

I find they're not very durable.

19th December 2006, 13:21
Do you own a saddle for your own personal use?

Why in the world would I want to do that?!

Dave B
19th December 2006, 14:18
Would you like to count how many times bananas have been mentioned in this thread?

Yes, but only because I was talked into it by an older woman.

19th December 2006, 14:33
Have you ever thought about sex with a leprichaun?

No, that's not what I do

19th December 2006, 15:21
Do you often stare at Donney's bananas?

As often as I can!

Dave B
19th December 2006, 16:45
How frequently do you post on the forum when you're supposed to be working?

It was so swollen that it's got its own entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

19th December 2006, 20:29
How big was donney's banana?

I think you just asked me the same question.

Dave B
19th December 2006, 23:09
How big was donney's banana?

This feels like deja vu.

20th December 2006, 15:48
What do you think of this thread?


20th December 2006, 18:17
What do donney's new bananas taste like?

I told him to leave.

20th December 2006, 19:09
What have you done to common sense?

A good toothbrush.

20th December 2006, 22:03
Wow, your bananas look great, how did you get them to shine like that?

Three times each day I think.

20th December 2006, 22:48
How often do you poo?

It was interesting at first, but it then became quite boring.

21st December 2006, 12:03
You still enjoy sex with your wife?


21st December 2006, 12:28
If you could change your name.. what would you change it to?

I put bows on it.

21st December 2006, 15:13
What did you do with Donney's banana?

I had to remove it.

21st December 2006, 15:44
What did you do with the lock on the Pringles cupboard?

Hmm, cheesy peas

Dave B
21st December 2006, 16:56
What are you having with your banana?

Not again, it brings back bad memories.

21st December 2006, 17:41
Scrunch or fold?

On the rare occasion.

21st December 2006, 20:25
Do you ever use your brain?

I have absolutely no idea.

Dave B
21st December 2006, 20:44
Without using a calculator, what's the square root of 299938212239901 to ten decimal places?

Like a brother.

21st December 2006, 21:46
How do you treat your banana?

I really think you should try it.

22nd December 2006, 02:25
Have you thought about combining your banana fetish with your admiration for Mp3 Astras dog poo collection?

No, too damn cold.

22nd December 2006, 11:26
Don't you think you should take a shower?

Every Monday at lunch.

22nd December 2006, 17:10
When do you typically bathe?

I won't be doing that again for quite some time!

23rd December 2006, 03:07
So you've had you annual bath alreay then?

What do you think?

23rd December 2006, 03:07
So you've had you annual bath already then?

What do you think?

23rd December 2006, 08:41
I think you double posted and are too lazy to edit.

Why am I working on a Saturday morning?

23rd December 2006, 11:03
Is your life a disaster?

It looks great!

24th December 2006, 02:38
What did you think of my double post?

But then I won't get any presents from Santa

24th December 2006, 10:27
Why don't you tell the man in the red coat what you think of his reindeers in your garden?

Oh, that came as a surprise.

25th December 2006, 01:23
Well that's what happens when you bend over in front of a Canadian.

Merry Christmas

25th December 2006, 08:42
http://www.freesmileys.org/emo/happy097.gif (http://www.freesmileys.org)

27th December 2006, 11:55
What did the canadian say when you bent over?

Not very often.

1st January 2007, 13:55
You don't get out much, do you?

I suppose so

4th January 2007, 22:18
Don't you think all Canadians are wonderful?

It was delightfully unexpected!

8th January 2007, 19:26
Er... did you just fart??

I had one once... it exploded.

9th January 2007, 09:55
Have you tried one of Donney's bananas?

I already did that.

9th January 2007, 15:02
Can someone explain this thread to me?

I think I understand it now!

9th January 2007, 15:40
Do you need someone to explain Donney's bananas to you?

It hurts when I do that.

9th January 2007, 15:44
Yes! Please, but what reaction can I expect?

I feel better now.

9th January 2007, 19:34
How about I give you a slap around the chops with one od Donney's bananas dipped in Mp3 Astras little collection?

You should try it

9th January 2007, 21:03
So, tell me, how does if feel to get a slap around the chops with one of Donney's bananas dipped in Mp3 Astras little collection?

I can tolerate it only for a short time.

10th January 2007, 07:51
So, If one gets a slap around the chops with one of Donney's bananas, dipped in Mp3 Astras little collection does it hurt for a long time?

I am rather sure it wasn't me.

10th January 2007, 08:19
OK, who farted?

Hmmm, yummy!

10th January 2007, 09:33
OOoooh Nnooo Who was that, who farted?

I'l never tell anyone.

10th January 2007, 19:38
Do you know who farted?

Perhaps one day.

10th January 2007, 19:52
Do you think you'll ever admit in public that you have a bad flatulence problem?

That's just what Donney said.

11th January 2007, 11:30
Where's the banana?

It could be you.

11th January 2007, 18:25
To whom will you finally and definitely cede the LW?

Ah, it's about time!

11th January 2007, 18:29
Do you think you'll ever admit in public that you have a bad flatulence problem?

That's just what Donney said.

I didn't say anything http://www.freesmileys.org/emo/fart005.gif (http://www.freesmileys.org)

What did you say when you were invited to spend some time at Michael Jackson's mansion?

It was in Carl's totalled laptop.

12th January 2007, 10:06
Where did you hide the banana? ;)

I will tell you when I get there.

12th January 2007, 20:10
Where are you??

ew that's horrible!

13th January 2007, 08:13
Have you seen what a banana inside a laptop look like?

It was all the time infront of you.

13th January 2007, 15:39
Did you say you know where Donney hid his banana?

No, I don't do things like that, Schmenke does though

15th January 2007, 18:39
Do you bath regularily?

I choose not to, as a matter of principle.

15th January 2007, 18:42
Would you like some banana?

I knew it was going to happen

16th January 2007, 14:09
I see Mp3 Astra put in an appearance then.

I'm not so sure

16th January 2007, 19:39
Do you think Mp3 Astra is going to stick around?

I hope not!

17th January 2007, 10:42
Do you think Mp3 Astra will give you his reeking collection?

Nice painting.

18th January 2007, 08:18
Would you like to see MP3's picture?

It's not mine.

18th January 2007, 08:29
Does anyone claim the LW then?

If that's true then you're very unlucky

18th January 2007, 09:31
Did you just gave the LW to me?

Aaaahh Thanks.

18th January 2007, 15:39
Would you like us to leave you alone with Donney's bananas?

For the last time, no thanks!

22nd January 2007, 08:55
Would you like to have the LW?

And that's what I have to say about that.

Mp3 Astra
22nd January 2007, 22:02
What do you tell your partner after a fun evening?

Fish pie, baked beans and a tree.

22nd January 2007, 23:15
So what would be a normal midnight munchies snack for you then?

Smells like poo

22nd January 2007, 23:31
What do you think of Donney's bananas?

I had to travel quite far.

23rd January 2007, 12:22
What did you have to do to smell Donney's bananas?

It had five legs.

23rd January 2007, 12:37
So what was so strange about your last girlfriend?

I swear it's true

23rd January 2007, 16:26
You like the smell of Donney's bananas?!

You'll have to first convince me that it's absolutely safe.

24th January 2007, 08:02
So do you want my last girlfriend?

I could not tell even if I knew.

24th January 2007, 09:03
Can I have the phone number of your last girlfriend?

Yes, but is it the best thing to do in that situation

24th January 2007, 12:04
Do you want to see all five of her legs?

Yes, and then I'll give you an opportunity as well.

28th January 2007, 23:09
Are you telling me I'm getting the five legged Donney's banana's phone number?

Awesome! didn't think it was possible

29th January 2007, 00:22
Did you know that Schmenke can lick his own elbow?

No, not this week.

29th January 2007, 18:56
Do you want to see me lick my elbow?

Ugh! That was disgusting!

29th January 2007, 19:55
Did you watch any of Big Brother this year??

I prefer it with cream.

30th January 2007, 01:08
Schmenke will you stop licking fly_ac's elbow.


30th January 2007, 08:26
Do you want to help Schmenke lick my elbow?

I think people will loose their respect for you.

7th February 2007, 19:14
Do you think I should show everyone how to lick their elbows?

No, it's not as unappealing as it seems.

10th February 2007, 08:37
Would I be correct in assuming you do not like licking elbows?

I don't want to.

10th February 2007, 11:53
Have you tried licking your elbow lately?

That would be a good thing

12th February 2007, 12:08
Will you stop licking my elbow now?

That will not be for me.

12th February 2007, 19:38
The latest edition of Licking Elbows Monthly has just arrived in the post.

Oh dear, not again!

16th February 2007, 11:52
Looks like Mp3 Astra has disappeared again :s

No, too expensive

16th February 2007, 12:04
Shouldn't there be a reward for Mp3 Astra's reappearance?

No, but it was raining.

21st February 2007, 13:19
So you've started the search for Mp3 Astra today then?

Yes it was

22nd February 2007, 11:25
Was it the eggs that caused you to loose your alliance with the LW?

Ha ha ha, not today.

22nd February 2007, 17:23
Do you think you'll ever manage to keep the LW for more than 10 minutes at a time?

Sounds like a plan.

27th February 2007, 23:11
O.k. so it's agreed then? I'll hang on to the LW and you can have Mp3Astra's collection.

I don't enjoy it as much as I used to.

5th March 2007, 15:43
Are you still licking elbows?

I really don't know how to tell you this.

8th March 2007, 00:12
I've heard a rumour, which if true, would rock the wordgames forum to its very foundation, say it aint so.....

Of course you can, you just need to push it harder.

9th March 2007, 08:12
Do you think I'll be able to get the concrete block off my wallet?

Ooh yes please!

12th March 2007, 14:02
Do you want me to teach you to lick your elbow?

I'll get around to it one day.

14th March 2007, 15:27
When are you going to teach LeonBrooke how to lick elbows?

I guess it could be you, but then again I may be wrong.

14th March 2007, 16:52
Who would you say it king of the LW?

I'm not paying for it.

14th March 2007, 18:17
Would you like some lessons on elbow-licking?

That seems quite reasonable.

15th March 2007, 15:25
Carl wants me to have the LW forever :D , what do you think?

Guess again.

18th March 2007, 11:57
My behaviour was perfectly reasonable, was it not ?

It wasn't my fault.

11th April 2007, 14:12
There seems to have been a disappearance of a few members lately, do you know anything about it?

I've tried to before but it never quite works properly

13th April 2007, 17:47
Have you ever tried to hang on the LW for more than a few minutes?

Well, it was difficult at first but I eventually managed to get the hang of it.

Captain VXR
13th April 2007, 21:29
How did you do it?
I just went on at quiet times hehe

16th April 2007, 15:15
How did you manage to ride the merry-go-round for so long?

Frankly, I'm getting quite tired it.

16th April 2007, 20:09
How's the nappy changing and lack of sleep thing lately?

Yes they're cute and no you can't have one

Captain VXR
17th April 2007, 09:07
Are kittens as cute as you make out?
Caturday is coming fast :eek:

17th April 2007, 17:02
What's the last thing you said before the nice men in white coats came by to get you?

Tonight's the night!

18th April 2007, 09:27
When are you going on national tv to demonstrate elbow licking?

It's still cheaper than what I paid

Captain VXR
18th April 2007, 11:06
How much did you pay?
Life in the west country's awesome, me local farmer 'as a tra''or

19th April 2007, 21:07
Why did you move from the city?

If Mystic Meg can't advise me, no one can

20th April 2007, 00:48
So you ended up murdering someone to steal the money, but they'd already hidden it and you couldn't find it. What are you going to do?

Well, it started off with just pukekos, then later on seagulls and now I'm not satisfied by anything smaller than an emu or an ostrich.

20th April 2007, 00:53
What do you normally have for a mid-morning snack then?


20th April 2007, 04:37
So am I even close on the latest geo Q?


8th May 2007, 10:17
Will you teach me how to lick my elbow?

Only if it doesn't hurt, I don't like pain...

16th May 2007, 13:04
You want schmenke to teach you elbow licking?

Time to turn to a new page, me think.

16th May 2007, 15:20
So how are you coping with your addiction to elbow-licking?

The left side.

Captain VXR
16th May 2007, 16:21
Isn't left wing politics a bit soft and to green?
My favourite race circuit is Fuji Speedway

16th May 2007, 16:48
From all the streaking you've done at race circuits, which is your favourite?

There are too many.

16th May 2007, 17:31
So what's you excuse for your prolonged absense then?

No, that was last year.

16th May 2007, 18:06
Did you not qualify for the International Elbow-Licking competition this year?

I may have another go soon.

18th May 2007, 09:28
Did you succeed in making your spaghetti stay straight on the plate?

I really would like to, but I think it's illegal...

18th May 2007, 15:11
So you going to keep taking the LW away from me then?

It tastes curly

22nd May 2007, 19:03
How did your elbow taste?

I really wish I could do it like a pro!

4th June 2007, 11:08
How's your dog poo collection coming?

That would never work

Captain VXR
4th June 2007, 16:42
How is your plan to have some weedoing nowadays?
I just hate it

4th June 2007, 16:52
How do you feel about the LW?


4th June 2007, 19:42
How's your impression of James Allen going?

Gone but not forgotten

Captain VXR
4th June 2007, 20:41
Why is carlmetro not saying wee anymore?
Ewwwwwwww black pudding

4th June 2007, 21:08
What does your elbow taste like?

In moderation.

4th June 2007, 22:32
Do you still lick your elbow? Doing it too much is bad for the health you know.

No, I make sure that it's all full-flavour. None of this "diet" stuff for me thanks!

4th June 2007, 23:26
I heard a rumour that you've started eating toilet paper? Is it good for your diet?

No, not until I've seen payment for the last one.

4th June 2007, 23:30
Can I have all the condoms-full of cocaine you promised me please?

Oh all right, if you have to, but it better not hurt!

Captain VXR
5th June 2007, 16:46
Can I punch you in the face then?
Oh god no, that's not a good idea!!!

14th June 2007, 16:50
I think it's about time you kept the LW.


14th June 2007, 18:27
When will you next take a bath?

Sounds interesting. Perhaps I will.

Brown, Jon Brow
14th June 2007, 21:14
Do you want to only have one bath a year?

I'm holding it now, and it's very small!

14th June 2007, 21:31
Have you seen the LW lately?

All the time

14th June 2007, 21:48
Do you let your wind blow free?

Up in a tree.

15th June 2007, 01:46
Where do you lay your eggs?

I don't know, but I think I'll be late...

15th June 2007, 08:35
Are you coming to the party?


Brown, Jon Brow
15th June 2007, 10:02
How much compensation are you willing to give me Carl for hiding your real surname?

Well, I pity the fool

15th June 2007, 15:55
What would you say if someone tried to lick your elbow?

The doctor suggests I should try to give it up.

Captain VXR
15th June 2007, 16:18
Can't you stop elbow licking?
I want to do that

15th June 2007, 17:59
Whataya think about shagging a goat?

Green with yellow polka dots.

15th June 2007, 18:01
Can you describe that rash you have on your manhood?

No now, I'm busy

Captain VXR
16th June 2007, 09:28
Do you want a winning Euromillions ticket?
Yes please

Brown, Jon Brow
16th June 2007, 22:51
Do you want to lick a horses bottom?

It's always floppy :mad:

Captain VXR
17th June 2007, 11:16
How's your severly licked elbow?

Brown, Jon Brow
18th June 2007, 09:18
How do you like your women?

It's always been my dream

Captain VXR
18th June 2007, 16:45
Do you want to do the neighbour's chinchilla up the arse?
Very much so

25th June 2007, 15:43
Would you mind if I slapped you on the nose?

But that wasn't mine.

Captain VXR
25th June 2007, 17:05
Why did you claim you had a Ferrari Enzo?
I've got one

Brown, Jon Brow
25th June 2007, 19:20
Does anyone have a face like an arse?

Well I have been eating more

26th June 2007, 08:13
My, Jon! Haven't seen you in ages. ...you've got fat...

Well, it did come with a free attachment, but I'm not sure how to use it...

Captain VXR
26th June 2007, 16:32
Did you like your can of spaz?
It was nice

28th June 2007, 18:21
So did you like it up the arse?

I'll try harder next time.

Brown, Jon Brow
30th June 2007, 13:07
The jokes you posted yesterday were awful.

I'm so flexible that I can lick it.

Captain VXR
1st July 2007, 10:51
Do you love carlmetro's mans business?
I mean its not bad is it

6th July 2007, 19:37
Have you checked your grammar lately?

I'd rather go alone.

Brown, Jon Brow
12th July 2007, 22:28
Would you like to come with me ? ;) :s hock:

I thought that 4inches was average :\

12th July 2007, 23:56
Have you been measuring your palm again?

Not bloody likely

13th July 2007, 09:54
So you don't want to come with him?

I have seen worst.

13th July 2007, 15:31
Have you seen Carl golf?

I only tried it out of curiousity.

Captain VXR
13th July 2007, 19:37
Did you have a "wolf whistle" with my brother?
It was so good

13th July 2007, 20:13
So how did you like it up the arse?

No, it's far too expensive.

14th July 2007, 01:48
Have you thought about taking golf lessons?

Much better than yesterday

Captain VXR
14th July 2007, 09:47
How was schmenke's elbow?
I hate to say it but it was good

16th July 2007, 19:24
So how did you like it up the arse?

Nah, far too messy.

Captain VXR
17th July 2007, 17:28
Would you like your butt plug cos it was accidentally sent to my house? :mark:
Works a treat

Mp3 Astra
19th July 2007, 23:43
Did you use my recipe for disaster?
Hop, skip and a jump!

19th July 2007, 23:58
What did you do to avoid standing on a new addition to your dog poo collection?

No, that was someone else.

20th July 2007, 22:49
Wasn't that you golfing from the ladies' tees?

Yep, that was me.

Captain VXR
21st July 2007, 09:01
Did I see you in a pink Nissan Micra CC?
My cat had a wee wee ;(

26th July 2007, 16:34
So when you took it up the arse, what was the reaction of your pets?

No, not me.

Captain VXR
27th July 2007, 10:47
Are you the dude I saw in a Aston V8 Vantage?
Certainly sir.

27th July 2007, 18:32
Be a good lad and go fetch my Aston V8 Vantage, will you please?

I'd really rather not.

Captain VXR
27th July 2007, 21:07
Would you like the keys now?
I mean, whats the problem?

27th July 2007, 21:49
So you enjoyed sucking your cats wee wee up with a straw then?

twice already

Captain VXR
28th July 2007, 09:22
Have you done the gay pikey up the arse today?

Mp3 Astra
2nd August 2007, 00:03
(bloody hell VXR!)
Which members of society do you think will lead us to world peace?

Gold coins.

2nd August 2007, 20:01
What did you receive as a trade for your collection?

I hope to do it again soon.

6th August 2007, 21:49
So you've already had your annual bath then?


9th August 2007, 03:54
So you played off the ladies' tees again, eh? What score did you manage?


9th August 2007, 06:30
How many balls have you lost so far this week?

Twice already.

9th August 2007, 16:37
How many times have you poo'd today?

It took a lot of effort but I finally managed.

15th August 2007, 09:00
So you managed to get into those golf trousers you were wearing last year then?

Fly spray.

15th August 2007, 16:43
What do you like with your cheerios?

About 8 inches.