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13th June 2009, 13:46
What kind of classes are already in existence in the different nations, and are there any international classes ?

If so, what engine/ age/ weight combinations are used. pls put links to the classes tech regs !

Tom Bolton
17th June 2009, 16:53
Hi, there are several classes that carry across into International Classes from England. KF1, KF2 are the main classes but also Biland (Formula Four) have a World series that has gone to Brazil, Dubai, Portugal and Monaco in previous years. Easy Kart also has a good international base.

This site has a good list of the championships with all the links to each of the championship websites and information on each class such as weights and regs. http://www.kartingperfection.co.uk/Championship%20Landing.html

27th October 2009, 21:30
I wish to know too. I stopped driving rallys in 2006 and would like to find a lower cost simpler form of racing to keep me entertained.

6th November 2009, 05:32
The most international class that will have the most participants is Rotax Max (engine) ,,You can be any age and the weight (you and kart combined) is 364 unless your in Masters or juniors..

Here are the international rules for Rotax Max: http://www.maxchallenge-rotax.com/regulations/sporting.html

In truth there are many international classes but This is the most popular and somewhat cost effective... If your looking for something that is less expenseive then you should go into 4 stroke (IE Honda's and Briggs and Stratton)

If anyone has any questions about karting feel free to PM me.. I just finished my 2nd year of karting on a team (GBR) competing in the Western Candian Rotax series .