View Full Version : USF1 name gone, now to be known as USGPE

5th March 2009, 03:33

Man these F1 guys are anal and a complete buzz kill. How is the F1 brand compromised when a team (especially one in the subcontinent of USA) wants to enter the F1 series and identify itself closely with F1. Adding F1 states their clear intentions and probably a mrketing boost of the sport here. It would only bring in more attention to F1 than harm the brand. This is ridiculous. Then I hear they had forced Force India (sigh and its 800 million people it is marketing too) to change its logo because it resembled F1 too close.

Am I missing something here?
Are these teams planning on participation in a different series or what?
This is an example of everything that is wrong with the management of F1, a bunch of finance, lawyers and money grubbing guys who can't see past the end of their own nose.

Very useless.

5th March 2009, 06:29
I suggest the name should be changed to USFBE (U.S. F*** Bernie Ecclestone!)

Azumanga Davo
5th March 2009, 09:27
You would have thought Peter would have known about that, being such a long term player that he is in the sport.

F1Rejects.com will have some work to do real soon if this sort of thing carries on...

5th March 2009, 09:29
This is an example of everything that is wrong with the management of F1, a bunch of finance, lawyers and money grubbing guys who can't see past the end of their own nose.

Very useless.


Easy Drifter
5th March 2009, 10:17
Ready for next year? Hmmmmm!
We found out about the basics a month ago.
There was a press conference over a week ago.
There has been a name change.
There is a blank web site.
Their 'office' still appears to be the local Starbucks.
They have no shop or offices and as far as we know no staff of any sort.
One person alone cannot design today's complex F1 cars.
Part of the design will be dependent on the drivetrain, including the exhaust system and cooling rads, both oil and water. This applies to both the tub (not overly much) but especially the body.
None of this has been decided, let alone sourced, as far as we know.
No outside component suppliers have been determined let alone contracted.
Everything involved in building a car and a shop has to be sourced and purchased. That is going to be a full time job for several people.
All office supplies, computers, and proper software with people who can program them and understand what is required.
Tools, workbenchs, shop supplies, lathes, milling machines, drill presses, compressors, sheers, and welding equipment just to name a few items.
Even nuts, bolts, and washers and the right ones for the design have to be sourced and purchased.
Then you need staff who can run all this. Yes there are quite a few race team staff that have been laid off but in most cases they will be the weaker members of their former teams, except where the whole organaztion shut down. Most mechanics should have their own hand tools.
The logistics of just assembling a team from scratch is monumental and there is no sign anything has of substance been accomplished.
I hope I am wrong and maybe much has been done but the signs are not promising.
Again if they want to hire experienced F1 staff from Europe they will have to obtain Green Cards.
Two people cannot do all this.
To me 2011 is much more realistic.
I have set up a race shop for a 1 car operation and we did not have to design and build a car and that was complex enough.

5th March 2009, 10:55
Oh yeah coz a new name will help! :rolleyes:

As drifter points out they kind of have a few more important things to sort out before worrying about what they call themselves.

Take a leaf out of Ross Brawn's book. Focus on getting your car on the grid and IF you do that THEN worry about the name.