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4th March 2009, 03:08
This is most certainly not a put down, but I would like to know how the US F1 team will be on the grid next year? Maybe they have been working on car design for months, but if not I don't see how it can happen? The other top F1 teams began wind tunnel development mid way through last year, so I would expect a tunnel program to be underway. Maybe it is, I don't know but I've not heard there is a fully staffed design team in place, but I hope so. Just a thougth!

4th March 2009, 07:59
They already own a wind tunnel. They don't have a building, but they have a real estate agent looking for one.

4th March 2009, 08:36
I have faith in this project, it just makes sense from the business standpoint.

Nick Damon on Mid-Week Motorsports thinks having it in NC makes no sense and it should be in Indy. Well, considering where NASCAR is and where Indy Car is, I would have put it in NC as well.

As Peter said, they have a wind tunnel already. Software is made here in America already and as Ken Andersen said, we already make some of the best fighter aircraft in the world, who doesn't think we don't have the talent to put a good time together.

So as to the chassis and the price of materials is moot. The car once its agreed on should be build fairly quickly.

An Engine package has to be agreed on, but everything else is here. There are plenty of Indy/CART and NASCAR employees out of work currently to field two complete teams and two complete cars.

I say with no delays they should have a car on track testing by mid-summer.

4th March 2009, 13:27
Five months to find a building, put together a design team, design and build a car!? I think they'll have a real struggle to have a car on the grid for 2010. But as I say maybe the design work is well underway? I can't see how you would design and build an F1 car without a healthy content of European design talent either. Maybe that's where Mr Windsor comes in. Wasn't Ken Anderson behind the Falcon IRL project? I really do hope this does happen I just think the time scale is super tight.

4th March 2009, 14:05
methinks this is prodrive F1 all over again. No real plan, no real backers, no fraking clue!