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3rd February 2009, 04:46
Is this getting started soon? The Daytona 500's in 12 days and there's already been a WRC round. Round 2 is coming up soon also. It's a great game, and many of us eagerly await its return :)

3rd March 2009, 10:59
Is it too often, if we ask 1/month?

Two WRC events done and 3 (or 4) NASCAR, and still nothing. Any news?

4th March 2009, 02:47
There have been 3 NASCAR races so far. (There will another one this Sunday.)
I am keeping a list of the top 8 finishers in a word document.
As soon as the code is entered into the game database I will score them all.

Mark the administrator is very busy right now.
Mark advised us that entering the codes is very time consuming.
Mark has assured us that as soon as he can he will enter the codes.

I will venture that upgrading to a different vbulletin may also cause some extra work for Mark.
Please be patient, management is aware of the situation & when possible they will get them going.
As soon as the game database is operational the people overseeing the games will get them scored. http://www.motorsportforum.com/forums/images/icons/icon10.gif

4th March 2009, 13:25
Yep, over here at Moderator Towers we're aware that Mark can't devote the time to getting the code sorted at the minute, but we're getting all we can ready anyway so you can at least make your picks.

The MotoGP and GP2 ones are ready to run (and hopefully the GP2 ones will work this time, last year ended up as a write-off for unknown reasons).

11th March 2009, 07:54
The pickems system for 2009 is now being started up. Some results of the WRC are already online.

11th March 2009, 12:19
Great work as allways. Thank you.

12th March 2009, 23:09
NASCAR Pickem! is now scored & up to date. http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g202/gr8link/thum/a1u.gif