View Full Version : New Venue in France?

26th January 2009, 23:39
"The French Senate has agreed a plan to authorise the construction of a Formula 1 circuit at Flins, in the Yvelines departement, just to the west of Paris"
I know there has been a lot of negative sentiment on these boards in regard to Magney-Coor. Personally I like that track. Then again I know its proximity is problematic for visitors. Plus I'm not saying they aren't capable of building a better one. This sounds like it has potential if it ever gets out of government bureaucracy. IMVHO F-1 is more "valid" with a French Gp!

27th January 2009, 01:27
Interesting. I hope this means a circuit with corners as good as the Estoril bend and Imola Chicane as we saw in Magny Cours. The last thing I'd want would be another one-dimensional stop-start circuit.