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12th January 2009, 08:00
Ypres, le 11 Janvier 2009

Par un jugement rendu le 7 janvier 2009, la Première Chambre du Tribunal de Première Instance d'Ypres a ordonné la dissolution de l'asbl A.C. TARGA FLORIO et a désigné un liquidateur.

La dissolution avait été demandée par le Conseil d'Administration de l'asbl.

Vu que l'organisation d'un rallye en Belgique n'est pas une activité dégageant un bénéfice, et que l'A.C. TARGA FLORIO ne disposait pas de réserves financières, l'asbl n'était pas en mesure de faire face à une dette fiscale remontant aux revenus des années 1996-1997. Le Conseil d'Administration actuel tient à préciser qu'il ne s'agit nullement de fraude.

L'A.C. TARGA FLORIO a informé le RACB début décembre de sa décision de demander la dissolution du club et, par conséquent, de son incapacité d'organiser à l'avenir le Belgium Ypres Rally. La Fédération a fait savoir que le Belgium Ypres Rally 2009 ne serait pas pour autant rayé du calendrier et qu'une solution est cherchée de sorte de trouver un nouvel organisateur pour l'épreuve.

info : [email:nzrkuf02]media@ypresrally.com[/email:nzrkuf02]

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12th January 2009, 08:43
I really hope Ypres won't be cancelled ;(

12th January 2009, 10:07
Let's hope a new organizing committee can be set up and get to work very soon. Too good a rally to disappear.

By a ruling of 7 January 2009, the First Chamber of the Court of First Instance of Ypres ordered the dissolution of the association AC Targa Florio and appointed a liquidator.
The dissolution was requested by the Board of Directors of the association.
Since the organization of a rally in Belgium is not a profit generating activity, and the AC Targa Florio had no financial reserves, the association was unable to cope with a tax debt dating back to earnings in 1996-1997. The current Board of Directors wishes to clarify that there is no question of fraud.
The A. C. TARGA FLORIO informed RACB early December its decision to request the dissolution of the club and, consequently, its inability to organize in the future the Belgium Ypres Rally. The Federation said that the Belgium Ypres Rally 2009 would not be removed from the schedule and that a solution is so sought to find a new organizer for the event.

12th January 2009, 12:59
See my previous thread on this issue. We have a response that Ypres will run and an annoucement will be made later this week.

12th January 2009, 17:08
See my previous thread on this issue. We have a response that Ypres will run and an annoucement will be made later this week.

Yes, I think you' re right, the sitauation seems to be not so serious.... I hope so !

20th January 2009, 20:11

some nice greetings from germany.

On the Official Homepage is the deadline for the Ypres Rally has been announced. 19+20 June 2009


To a large rally should not go away. Ypres is a IRC rally.


20th February 2009, 10:44
After a lot of rumours, and also courtcase, it now seems to be sure that this year's Ypres Westhoek Rally will certainly take place. The organisation will be in the hands of a new group of people around Alain Penasse, who was allready responsible of the organisation of the first WRC rally of Ireland. Good news, so everybody can start making plans to come to Belgium in June. :D

20th February 2009, 12:55
I unfortunately can't come even though I wanted :(

20th February 2009, 16:48
]I unfortunately can't come even though I wanted :(

You have to try to come, because i still have to buy you a lot of beers. :D You should do extra effort to try and come to Ypres. ;)

20th February 2009, 16:53
No way :( But I think I'll have quite free autumn so maybe I can come to Condroz instead :)

20th February 2009, 21:09
]No way :( But I think I'll have quite free autumn so maybe I can come to Condroz instead :)

That is even a better idea, very nice rally and especially very nice stages. Also the atmosphere in Huy is always very good and i can buy you beers over there too. :D

28th February 2009, 23:39
We will be there,, competing again :)

Superb weekend,, and the rally's not bad either