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7th February 2007, 13:06
i was having a root around for news on the BTCC and have been coming across more and more about the DTC and STCC in particular.

why is it these domestic series attract such a wide range of different S2000 cars. i can see why some of these manufacturers aren't represented in WTCC as the costs must be significantly higher, hence mainly works and well funded ex works cars seem to appear, but why do we see Peugeots, Audis, Mercs, Volvos, Renaults etc in these championships but people are scratching around for S2000 cars in the BTCC.

are these cars manufacturer built or built and run by privateers, is it cheaper to run in these championships than in the UK or is there simply more money in motorsport in Sweden and Denmark, or is it that these cars are just not competitive with ex WTCC BMW's, Seats, Alfas and Chevvies?

i hope some of these cars make it over here, or i can see us mirroring the WTCC and ending up with only a few S2000 manufacturers even though there are a variety of cars available.

That said we should see Vauxhall, Honda, Seat, BMW, Alfa, Lexus and possibly (?) Chevrolet reprersented in BTCC (in S2000 spec) this year, so am i making a fuss about nothing?

I am evil Homer
7th February 2007, 13:11
I wouldn't say about nothing - i;ve love to see S2000-spec Renault, Volvo, Nissan, Merc, Audi.

I'd also like to know how and why they run there but not in the BTCC? The UK is a huge market for all these makes.

7th February 2007, 13:43
That said we should see Vauxhall, Honda, Seat, BMW, Alfa, Lexus and possibly (?) Chevrolet reprersented in BTCC (in S2000 spec) this year, so am i making a fuss about nothing?

I think you are making a little bit of fuss over nothing. No one manufacturer dominates this championship in sheer numbers, plus there is plenty of variety. This coming is after all the first season where Super 2000 will be the main spec of car and we'll already have some unique cars to the championship.

7th February 2007, 13:49
Different cars and different markets though

For instance we have TD building a S2000 Civic, aparently, but still. And 888 building a Vectra. I'm pretty sure there are no Lexus running in the DTC or STCC either.

tin-top fan
7th February 2007, 14:22
It's all relative though really. Next year it look like we'll have civics, some lexii, BMW 1-series and also some works vectras that won't be seen elsewhere in the World ( as far as i'm aware). So they have cars we don't have, but we have ones that they don't have.

7th February 2007, 14:39
i would really like to see us nick one or two of there audis though they seem competitive.

i no we woudlnt get works team but privateer would be lush!

7th February 2007, 15:22
How do the Audis work, are they converted to 2 wheel drive, or just fat with ballast?

Captain VXR
7th February 2007, 16:01
They do sell front wheel drive A4s.

7th February 2007, 17:06
Well I'll just shut my big fat mouth then

7th February 2007, 18:21
its true that we do have cars not seen elsewhere, and i realised that more as i wrote my post, however, it would be nice to see the volvos, audis etc here too, and as far as i can make out they don't just make up the numbers either.

i guess as the S2000 regs have now taken hold the variety will grow, as long as all marques are competitive, it just seems a little odd to me that the apparently big pond of British motorsport, and specifically the BTCC can't attract the Audis, Mercs, Volvos, Renaults, that other championships can, but admittedly i don't know just how big the STCC and DTC are in there respective countries

Captain VXR
7th February 2007, 21:12
The Swedish King visits the STCC final each year to present the champion with the trophy.