View Full Version : classic recorded F1 footage on dvd

6th February 2007, 20:07

This is for anyone who wants to relive classic f1 seasons (usually complete live recorded race footage for every race) transfered to DVD.

Not short season reviews!

I have almost every Live race from 1978 onwards and a lot of broadcasted races between - 1964 and 1977.

For example - '1975 German (old Nurburgring!) Grand prix' - around 50 mins long!

Please contact me for details. I have some auctions up at the moment.

http://uk.four.ebid.net/perl/main.cg...arch&type=user (http://uk.four.ebid.net/perl/main.cgi?words=F1supremeo&mo=search&type=user)

Thanks for looking!