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8th December 2008, 12:15
Toyota are claiming to be committed but the most shakey one looks Williams at the moment.

No big manufacturer behind them and little in the way of sponsors.

8th December 2008, 13:12
There is a good analysis here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/motorsport/formula_one/7768596.stm

8th December 2008, 13:28
Quite interesting, but I wouldn't write off the possibility that the economic crisis may actually help Williams to start shining again after some have almost written them off already.

Unlike almost all of the other teams, Williams would try to continue in F1 racing basically at any cost and if it's possible, they would figuratively race even for a few pennies. Williams' financial situation may not be great, but manufacturers may leave way more easily, already if they aren't doing "too well" in car sales. However, Williams as a "pure racing team" continues to race until they are literally in bankruptcy. If the manufacturers leave and Williams survives (don't think all of the sponsors will abandon them, somehow they'll keep themselves above the water), F1 becomes again a more independents'-based series and the Grove team may well be in a strong position to climb upwards in the rankings. Don't count them out just yet!

8th December 2008, 13:44
a aI think Honda's pull out was a combination of things. They lacked sponsorship support (McLaren or Ferrari have several supporters) & spent more than any body else. Coupled with KERS (both R&D & so on) & new regulations resulted in Honda having to pull out. In the current trend of economic downturns. Though I'm not the CEO of Honda, I don't see why they had to pull out.

What I think will happen is that the new regulations & budget caps are going to create just as many problems. It may even out the playing field a little but the issue is that sponsorship will suffer as spending limits are imposed. Constructors certainly don't spend for the sake of spending but because they expect a return. Gone are the 'winning at all cost' days.

8th December 2008, 14:13
Toyota are claiming to be committed but the most shakey one looks Williams at the moment.
Williams's CEO Adam Parr:

"Williams would never choose to leave Formula One. So long as we can rub together a few pennies and put together a half-decent budget, we are going to go racing. If we have to tailor what we spend to a lower income, then we'll do that. To me, it's just completely illogical to talk about Williams leaving Formula One."

We believe that our position is pretty much different to all the other teams because every other team in Formula One is primarily dependent on one of its shareholders that is providing either all or a very high proportion of the income for the team. That shareholder is in Formula One primarily for marketing reasons. They can at any time decide that the cost-benefit ratio of leaving Formula One makes sense. The difference with Williams is that we don't have a choice about being in F1, that is what we do."

8th December 2008, 14:30
F1 will survive, no problem. Whether the manufacturers do is another question.

The current climate is just a period of change. Come 2012 the grid will be completely different, but will still have 20/22 cars on it - and in that case, who cares what the teams are called??

Ferrari, McLaren and BMW will be fine.

Toyota, Renault, Red Bull, STR maybe not. But people will come in buy them.

We may have a few seasons of Ferrari, McLaren, BMW on top by a margin - but the point is F1 will survive - it will just change.

Williams will survive because all they care about is F1.

8th December 2008, 14:40
STR is, I think, the most likely candidate. How many potential new owners are there in the current climate? But we shall see.

Dave B
8th December 2008, 14:41
Williams may well survive, and I certainly hope they do, but lean times are ahead. Rumours are that Lenovo are switching allegiance to McLaren, and RBS may well be curtailing their spending once the current deal runs out.

Although perversely, they may well be among the better-placed teams to ride out the storm if manufacturers pull out en mass.

8th December 2008, 15:19
Interesting posts.

IF radical cost cutting comes into F1, then Williams will be in a great position to not only survive the current crisis but to excel.

Otherwise, I am really worried about them.

There are 2 teams in F1 that live to race and Williams don't sell many cars to fund it :(

cy bais
8th December 2008, 15:22
STR is, I think, the most likely candidate. How many potential new owners are there in the current climate? But we shall see.

Maybe if Red Bull unloads STR at dirt cheap prices, they can stay in F1 :)