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Giuseppe F1
5th February 2007, 12:07
So, Spyker launch today - anyone know what time?

Havent seen any pics of the car yet, yet have seen this new helmet image for Albers which may give away some of the sponsors, schemes etc


Giuseppe F1
5th February 2007, 12:10
Alot of those sponsors are personal Albers sponsors however, i think

Giuseppe F1
5th February 2007, 12:59


Spyker seek fresh start with new car

Monday, February 5th 2007, 11:43 GMT

The Spyker F1 team are looking for a fresh start to their life in Formula One as they approach their first Grand Prix racing under their new identity.

Dutch car makers Spyker took over from the Midland team last season and they are looking for a stronger year after failing to score any points in 2006.

"This year will be the new start for the Spyker brand, but we also need to look at it as a new start for the team too," said team boss Colin Kolles as the team unveiled their new car, the F8-VII.

"Over the past three years there have been some far-reaching changes in the team, from the name to the management to the structure, but we now know that Spyker want to make the project work, which is very positive for everyone.

"When you know that somebody wants to do well and is here for the long run it gives you an extra drive to make it work as you know you have a goal to aim for. We've got a real direction and focus now."

The team will use Ferrari engines in 2007, and they have also secured the services of Mike Gascoyne to lead their technical department.

Kolles is convinced Gascoyne will be a big asset to the team.

"Having people like Mike in the team shows we are serious about improving," added Kolles. "We know that Spyker want to be in F1 to win and Mike has a great history of turning teams around.

"He is there to help guide James Key and his technical team and together I'm confident they will steadily improve the team's performance.

"So far the appointment is working well, he has already made some changes and brought other resources on board such as Aerolab; we're gradually strengthening a good team dynamic that we hope will continue to improve."


5th February 2007, 13:01

nose and frontwing like a mclaren?

Giuseppe F1
5th February 2007, 13:07
NO SPONSERS on the main front wing??? Is the space reserved for the four testers' sponsors.....or, could it be space for sponsors Van der Garde is bringing yet they perhaps cannot reveal owing to the yet ubresolved Aguri issue?

Giuseppe F1
5th February 2007, 13:12





5th February 2007, 13:23
Good to see my team, Newport County, getting into F1 sponsorship :p :

Giuseppe F1
5th February 2007, 13:52
Spyker's new car name explained
05 February 2007

The Spyker F8-VII's designation is directly related to Spyker's rich heritage as a motor car and aircraft manufacturer. When the company started trading at the beginning of the 20th century it launched the car models named A, B and C to the market.

When Spyker CEO Victor Muller resurrected the Spyker name in 2000 he wanted to build on that strong history, "When we launched the first modern line of Spykers, the C8 Spyder, we called it the C line to follow on from the original model rationale. The E line will be launched in the near future, so it makes sense for our Formula 1 car, our latest model, to be the F line."

The number eight refers to the number of cylinders of Spyker's Ferrari engine, as with the road going Spykers such as the C8 Spyder, which has an eight cylinder engine as well. The VII sub-designation ('7') refers to Spyker's heritage as an aircraft manufacturer where all models were denoted by roman numerals and stood for the year the aircraft was launched. Hence the F8-VII is the Spyker F line with eight cylinders in 2007.


5th February 2007, 13:54
I don't know, the car just isn't orange enough :p :

Seriously though it is by far the most striking livery on the grid.

jonny hurlock
5th February 2007, 14:11
there are more orange than the orange arrows
should we call them the orange spykers

better than some other liveries for this year ie mclaren, williams and toyota

5th February 2007, 14:12
go on and fair play to them. there at the back of the grid, and have no help from factories, so there the underdog im supporting this year. none of your super aguris and toro rossos for me! there like minardi and everyone loved minardi! and yes, the car looks great!

Giuseppe F1
5th February 2007, 14:39
Its nice but personally I think the 06 livery with the Silver contrast was nicer as it broke up having too much of one block colour i.e. the orange abd made it much more of a design

Giuseppe F1
5th February 2007, 14:43
BTW.....what is the '#' representative of where the number should be on the chassis tub top?

I bet it is some kind of subliminal political message in terms of STR and Super Aguri and the fact that team numbers are based on Constructors rankings from the previous year...

...what with all the threats of protests at Australia in light of the chassis sharing row and calls to have STR and Aguri banned, or not eligible for the constructors championship, well, I bet that is what the number alludes to - a political statement - i.e. We (Spyker) arent sure what our race numbers will be this year because STR/SAF1 may well be thrown out soon

Im just thinking out loud

I cant think of any other explanation

P.S: Surpised see Dremel and Rhinos still presented as sponsors at the launch but with no on car space when 1) they had it last year and 2) there is still so much free space still on the car?

5th February 2007, 14:55
well,the car looks good,but that's all it's gonna be,a Mclarenesque front wing,

5th February 2007, 15:12
I have to say this car looks absolutely gorgeous! I like Spyker from sportscars already so I'm gonna pull for them in FZzz as well. :up:

5th February 2007, 17:44
My retina's are burrrrrning!

Giuseppe F1
5th February 2007, 18:11

I know those black stripes on the sidepod were reminding me of something...

...the testing liveried Arrows A23


5th February 2007, 20:15
I hope they do well, the last owners destroyed what Jordan used to be about and you have to feel for everyone on the team for the way the team was run.
I hope they get a few points this time round and make it to 2008 where they should make a bigger impact with Gascoyne on the team.

5th February 2007, 21:14
My retina's are burrrrrning!
I know what you mean, that thing is really bright!

Could have done with more silver like they had in the last 4-5 races of last year I think.

5th February 2007, 22:33
I love the day-glo orange... reminds me of a pylon :D

6th February 2007, 01:24
By far the worst design on the grid. If there was ever a reason to ban winglets attached to sidepods then you only have to look at the Spyker.

Hopefully the B-spec car will be better *fingers crossed*

Max Mosley, et al, please hurry up and come up with that new aero package.


6th February 2007, 06:23
I like the looks of the new car. It does seem to have more than its share of aero devices, though. Perhaps Spyker is using reverse psychology - most launches don't show the real aero that will appear on race day, maybe Spyker is overloading the aero and only the real stuff will remain at race time?????

6th February 2007, 13:34
Now the big question - will you be able to tell this and the Ferrari apart in isolated shots? The white & orange Spyker (how DID they get permission to change livery like that during a season anyway?) often came across as white and bright red on TV; and the photos on pitpass.com which aren't set against solid white (like the above pics are) are coming across as worryingly reddish... (e.g. this one (http://www.pitpass.com/fes_php/pitpass_gallery_image_display.php?fes_gal_id=685&fes_image_number=14&fes_reverse_order=))

"And Kimi's off! Kimi's blown up.... *caption pops up* oh, wait, it's only Albers...."

6th February 2007, 15:17
ontrack photo's, colour lookes darker more like ferrari.


6th February 2007, 21:39
I like it, great to see a splash of orange return to the grid.

6th February 2007, 22:26

short video of new spyker, nice ferrari sound.

6th February 2007, 22:46

6th February 2007, 23:08
So just STR and Super Aguri left to launch their cars then. :)

7th February 2007, 00:14
Good! Colour for the grid.

Orange is not my favourite colour, IŽd prefer some yellow team, and of course a black one. BLACK.

And I hope tey do better than Midland...

7th February 2007, 00:34
So just STR and Super Aguri left to launch their cars then. :)

Yep just them,

Honda are already testing their new car but have yet to launch their final livery

7th February 2007, 05:42
That livery is quite positively delicious.

7th February 2007, 06:24
I guess we'll have to see it next to the Ferraris on the grid to tell just what shade of orange or red it is? Half of the pictures I've seen look red and half look bright orange?

7th February 2007, 17:03
I like Spyker's livery. Hopefully they can put in a surprise and score a point from somewhere somehow.

6th March 2007, 19:53

Spyker has slightly changed its colours - less orange, more black.

6th March 2007, 20:43
10 times better. i love it

7th March 2007, 00:16
Now the big question - will you be able to tell this and the Ferrari apart in isolated shots? The white & orange Spyker (how DID they get permission to change livery like that during a season anyway?) often came across as white and bright red on TV; and the photos on pitpass.com which aren't set against solid white (like the above pics are) are coming across as worryingly reddish

This time they managed to get a real orange, nearly as on the C8 sportscar with which Spyker participates in the GT races (FIA GT and Le Mans).

I like it. At least better than 2006.


7th March 2007, 00:38
Orange and black together always makes for a good combination. It's now a much prettier car altogether.

7th March 2007, 05:18
orange or red, i see it closer to red, this is my new problem on my eyesight :)

midland was fine, i hope spyker looks better on the grid than midland

7th March 2007, 18:56
The reason they changed it was because they did what most F1 teams do (Renault seeming to be the exception this year!) and looked at the car on TV and decided on the livery that way.

Basically the day-glo orange was too bright! You couldn't see the sponsors logo's so they changed it.

The Renault 'scheme' ('scheme, because it doesan't have one!) is awful, it looks like an old Dome FNippon car from 1991!

But hats off to Spyker, I really really hope they can put in some strong performances this season and things come together from them like the LM/ALMS programme has over the last couple of years :up:

7th March 2007, 23:54
I liked the old livery, I know it wasnt TV friendly, but it was bold and stood out. The new livery is nice, but its a bit last year.

9th March 2007, 17:51
The new livery is an improvement. It looks neat, tidy and appealing