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13th October 2008, 12:39
Has anyone noticed the violent flexing in some of the cars with anvil wings? I'm pretty sure it was vibrating from the on board camera shot. Weren't deformable aero components supposed to be banned, like the flexible front wing of Ferrari few years back? Care to shed some light on this subject?

14th October 2008, 05:40
Define "anvil wing", please.

14th October 2008, 06:20
Well, the flexing does not give an aerodynamic advantage, so I guess this is why the flexing is allowed.

14th October 2008, 07:06
I think the difference here is flexing vs vibration.

The front wing would change its angle as the car picked up speed. The claims were that Ferrari had a front wing that pushed out more downforce at lower speeds then flattened out at a higher speeds thus creating less drag.

The idea of the anvil-wing was to stabilise the airflow over the car and through to the rear wing. Having it vibrate and flap around has no aero advantage... actualy, having it move around defeats the object of its design.

14th October 2008, 10:52
It did seem to be moving a lot and I also thought I saw some of the winglets move/vibrate to the point of flexing on an onboard shot.

14th October 2008, 12:58
Define "anvil wing", please.


Almost half of the teams on the grid running with it, namely, RBR, Toro Rosso, Ferrari, Renault, & Force India.
Mike Gascoigne made similar remarks about the Anvil Wing earlier this year but I believed he changed his mind. There must be an explanation other than having a larger billboard space.

15th October 2008, 07:29
Ah, a shark fin.