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13th October 2008, 03:02
What's the status of the smoking advertising ban? I thought that it was to be banned in 2008.

And what is Marlboro gaining by using that bar code design? When will Ferrari need to find a new primary sponsor?

Finally I haven't paid much attention since schumacher retired, but are there still nations on the calendar which still allow the full sponsorship or has every nation banned it?

13th October 2008, 03:13
Marlboro aren't sponsoring Ferrari, it's just a familiar color scheme ;)

Actually, there are quite a few nations that did not sign the master agreement.

They have a long term association wiht Ferrari, so they are banking on the familiar brand recognition. They figure they generate enough exposure at the few raaces they ARE allowed to show the logo, it makes it worth their money for the rest of the season. I don't thing they HAVE do do anything for alternate sponsorship If they don't want to. Marlboro is still rolling in it internationally, so I doubt we'll see it change anytime soon.
IIRC, we should see the Marlboro name at Zuhai, Abu Dhabi and Brazil.

13th October 2008, 04:23
if you can't tell the Barcode is not Marlboro, then something is wrong

13th October 2008, 08:30
I would just suggest they write an acronym of Marlboro on the car.

Oroblram should be inoffensive enough.

13th October 2008, 08:42
I think Tobacco sponsorship is allowed in China. So, we would, I guess, see the Marlboro logo on the Ferrari at Shanghai, as it was there last season. Below is a pic from Shanghai 2007.


Dave B
13th October 2008, 08:51
And what is Marlboro gaining by using that bar code design?
The fact that you associate the colour scheme and design with Marlboro speaks volumes for the power of their marketing, so it's definately doing its job.

Has anybody tried scanning that barcode? It might come up as 20 Marly Lights :crazy:

13th October 2008, 09:10
I believe that Marlboro own the sponsorship space on all of the Ferrari, and either Ferrari/Marlboro made a decision not to use the full livery in the countries were they would be allowed to. However, Ducati who are also sponsored by Marlboro have used the full livery when allowed.