View Full Version : One day to galway cant wait 9:48 am sat

2nd February 2007, 00:18
Yes thats rite the Irish tarmac championship kicks off again after its winter break, Hope it still has the magic of being the best championship in the world includeing wrc, the genie is in a new car we've gronholm over at one is that enough said galway should be a blast, cant wait im heading back to Ireland from uni on friday and heading up to galway satuday morning theres a couple of good spots I know for saturday and sunday. Theres one beuty of a bend, its out of a junction right by a church and they go about 250 meters out of the junction and go around a 5Left (high gear) and into a junction square right well every one was up at the first junction right alot of cars hit a wall on the exit generally but I walked down onto this 5Left well eugene went around it in the toyota wrc that was scarey a full 4 wheel drift across the road hard on the brakes into the junction 2nd junction car sideways on the breaks crazy,
I just cant wait till 9:48 am saturday morning
Hope people enjoy I also saw Garet Jones Crash last year the same wall lynch knocked the year before

2nd February 2007, 02:17
Was at that junction myself lad, also walked up to that 5 left and stood behind the timber fence to get a good angle of the bend. Donnelly was the only one keep the power on through the corner, massive drift through it, total comitment.

2nd February 2007, 10:07
What stage?