View Full Version : marhsal at start line??????

1st February 2007, 02:05
does anybody else find it distracting when they get there time card back from the marshall at 10 seconds to go????? some marshals mark the card 3 cars back from the line.this gives the crew time to rool up there windows and have there notes ready for the off.

Mad cat jnr
3rd February 2007, 16:57
Ive seen that. At an event, the marshal gave me back the card with five seconds to go.

3rd February 2007, 17:36
I think it all bepends on how many marshals are available &/or the event being run on either 30 second or minute intervals...!

If its 30 seconds then the start marshal doesn't have alot of time
If its on minutes then there should be no excuse apart from a novice marshal who is learning

Having been a start marshal i have found some rallying crews who are wasting time in getting on the start line

Just remember this "No marshal no rally"

3rd February 2007, 18:45
no shortage of crews there that faff about wasting time themselves ;)