View Full Version : Buemi

14th September 2008, 12:26
Is it only me who does not rate this guy as highly as red bull? I feel he has done a solid job in GP2 but not an amazing job. I expected alot more from him than ive seen this year. For example, about 5th through to 8th in race 1 and then in the sprint, a victory or a podium. Not f1 champion material!

Nikki Katz
14th September 2008, 15:59
I reckon that if he stays in GP2 next year then he'll have a good shot at the title. He actually did a lot better than I was expecting this year as he was patchy at best last year, though that was due to arriving mid-season at a team that now has something of a reputation for one driver struggling and one excelling. He was much better at Arden, though admittedly he didn't have much competition this year from Buurman or Filippi. But I don't think he's quite ready for F1, aside from being sponsored by Red Bull there seem to be a number of drivers that are currently better prospects out there.