View Full Version : OFFICIAL: Ferrari confirm Massa and Kimi for 2009

Giuseppe F1
30th August 2008, 18:15
Seems Alonso wont be wearing red overalls just yet:


30th August 2008, 20:04
as you said "yet" ;)

31st August 2008, 11:00
I'm not buying it....

Dave B
31st August 2008, 15:49
Remember a few weeks ago when Honda "confirmed" their drivers, only to back-pedal furiously a few days later? :p

That said, I'd be amazed if Ferrari didn't keep their current line-up. Kimi's under-performed in recent races, of that there's little doubt, but he's not exactly a slouch.

Come 2010 if it's a straight choice between Alonso and Kubica I know who I'd want in my team, and it damned sure ain't the Spainiard.

31st August 2008, 21:21
but would have Todt or brawn have made all those statements in the quote??

1st September 2008, 03:58
As such, this year's number one driver isn't yet determined, The lap times determine the hierarchy, not team. ;)

2nd September 2008, 11:10
Both drivers have a contract for next year anyway, so there is not much to 'confirm'. The main question was whether Kimi would have had enough of F1 by the end of 2008 and would voluntarily retire, but if media can be believed, then he still appears to be motivated to carry on.