View Full Version : Those google ads on top of the forum!

28th July 2008, 21:11
Given that this is what is called a family forum, I'm amazed at the kind of publicity there is on this very page (see google ads on top of the threads list).

It must be Max's fault! :D

29th July 2008, 00:09
Firefox + AdBlock Plus = no adverts. So I have no idea what you are talking about ;)

29th July 2008, 01:00
You're right! Still I was amazed to read "Hungarian Girls Club"! Doesn't sound very catholic! ;)

Valve Bounce
29th July 2008, 01:49
You're right! Still I was amazed to read "Hungarian Girls Club"! Doesn't sound very catholic! ;)

First of all, you blamed Max.
Then you attack the Hungarian Girls Club
Then finally you mention Catholics.

I tell you ioan, you are risking the wrath of the moderators. :p :

29th July 2008, 02:24
this may have to do with your location

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29th July 2008, 07:47
Indeed, the adverts are not fixed, they are tailored for where you are. Someone in America would see entirely different adverts from someone in France, for example.

It's how google manages to make so much money, before google most online adverts were aimed at the American market, and as such held no interest for me.