View Full Version : Castroneves and Hornish Thinking NASCAR?

28th January 2007, 01:26
At Daytona this weekend Penske's drivers have been quoted as showing an interest in making the move in a year or two. Is Roger losing faith when the Marlboro money runs out? Just another reflection of how bad open wheel is getting these days.

Mark in Oshawa
28th January 2007, 10:24
I would hope not, and I think Helio might be more interested in the sportscar racing or Champ Car. He is a road racing guy after all. Hornish I am surprised hasn't jumped ship already....

29th January 2007, 00:12
they need to think before jumping as nascar could end their careers on a sour note

29th January 2007, 00:46
Yeah, NASCAR might have the biggest rewards, but it's also the biggest risk, career-wise.

Hoss Ghoul
30th January 2007, 06:50
Yeah, NASCAR might have the biggest rewards, but it's also the biggest risk, career-wise.

It's never easy at the top.

Mark in Oshawa
3rd February 2007, 07:26
I think NASCAR is the biggest risk, but also very fraught with danger. Both guys can drive ovals, we can all agree. In NASCAR though, it is a culture of racing that is foreign to both of them. Hornish at least has the advantage he wont be taken as a total outsider. NASCAR is just starting to open up mentally to the sportscar and road racing crowd, and JPM might be the Jackie Robinson of sorts for the road racing/foreign/ow drivers. Lets face it, it isn't the racing by themselve that they will have issues with, it is with the mentality of the people they will race with. NASCAR boys are always willing to play full body contact in subtle fashion, and the culture of engineering and setting cars up is different completely from where the Marlboro boys are from. It will be interesting, but if JPM does well this year, look out.....there will be an invasion...

4th February 2007, 20:52
mark i agree the floodgates will open if jpm does well
nascar will be invaded by drivers from all different types of racing

4th February 2007, 21:12
Go to jayski.com and look at past news. They have asked every single IRL driver if they have thought about running NASCAR, every single one has said its a possibility. They arnt going anywhere.