View Full Version : PYC To run with SEAT in 2007 WTCC

27th January 2007, 09:41
It was announced whilst away on my course that Pierre Yves Corthals who served an apprenticeship with JAS will run with SEAT next season under SEAT Belgium, ran by French team Exagon and I assume with sponsorship from Monroe. The car was Thommo's which was run by ORECA.

What does this mean for ORECA. Does this mean that ORECA will leave SEAT if not the WTCC?

Also what is the structure of SEAT now? Is Gabrielle's car supported by the Italian importer, Yvan's car by the French importer and Gene's by the Spannish importer with all three run by SEATSport?


27th January 2007, 12:04
From what i have been told, and a bit of guess workThe Seat set up for WTCC will be
Tarquini and Mueller in Factory run cars
Jourdain works entry run by Oreca
Corronel works entry run by GR Asia
PYC independant Exagon
Emmit O'brien or an Italian driver(unknown) independant GR Asia
1 definate or 2 possible cars from Seat Italia in independants

27th January 2007, 12:40
That is exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks. :up: I know it is only a mix of what you have been and guesswork but that has given me a very good idea indeed of how SEAT is built. I know more about BMW than I do about SEAT.

I vaguelly remember seeing somehere fleetingly something about Gene being retained in the main factory team but I don't want to stick with thinking that.

But I do know Roberto Colciago has been confirmed for SEATSport Italia so that is likely to be the one definite at the team.