View Full Version : Campos keeping an eye of Aguri Assets

8th July 2008, 00:22
Now Campos are in interest to take the assets trying to get it together to attempt to enter the F1 grid. I wonder if Ken Anderson's US F1 entry are paying attention.


8th July 2008, 02:05
Super Aguri's assets? What assets? The main asset (the IP to a modern F1 chassis) is what they don't have. Neither do they have a modern wind tunnel.

What assets are we exactly talking about? Bunch of nuts and bolts?

8th July 2008, 07:01
Super Aguri F1 assets to be auctioned online

LONDON (Reuters) - The assets of the failed Super Aguri Formula One team, including a race car and transporters, will be sold in an online auction later this month.
Auctioneers SHM Smith Hodgkinson said on the http://www.saf1-auction.com Web site on Monday that they had been instructed by administrators to sell the assets between July 29-31.