View Full Version : Re-sign Rubens

7th July 2008, 08:49
Coulthard off but not Rubens. Masses of talent just needs a good chassis which Honda may well have next year. Keep him on.

7th July 2008, 09:25
DC has had some glimpses of speed too, however these were by far outnumbered by his bonehead moves.

Rubens on the other hand makes few mistakes and he is having the same best result as DC while driving the 2nd worse car on the grid.

I agree that he should stay. Yesterday I was thinking aboutthat wet race in Hockenheim when he went on to win the race from the back of the grid. Or Monaco '97 (or was it 98?) when he finished 2nd to MS while driving for Stewart Ford.

7th July 2008, 11:25
I think you mean re-sign not resign ;) that little - changes the meaning completely :p

7th July 2008, 12:34
Yup, your right. Just reread it and wondered what I was up to...

7th July 2008, 13:58
Depends, which drivers is Honda able to attract, but at the moment there may well not be any better replacements for Rubens indeed. RB seems highly motivated and really wants to continue in F1. It was quite interesting to hear him at the press conference, from which one could read out his wish to continue and how "he and the team always knew he was still good", hinting to his low reputation and the calls to quit maybe?

N. Jones
7th July 2008, 15:19
Wow, I don't know. Weren't most people calling him too old last year? I t was a great drive and should his talent but I think he is getting long in the tooth...