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2nd July 2008, 09:36
Hey guys I was hoping someone could help me. Im from South Africa and I'm 17 years old. I've always wanted to start karting but my family never really had the money for it. Now that we do have more than enough money I can start. I just dont know where and how to start. Any advice on what the classes are and which one is the best to start with as a very new beginner? I have always had a real passion for motorsport and have always wanted to start racing at some point, just havent been able to. I have no experience whatsoever.


2nd July 2008, 19:41
I don't do karting but with most forms of motorsport it's best to find out when there are races in you area and go to watch. If you can, try and talk to competitiors about how they got started, what advice they'd give and what sort of kit you'll need.

There may be some clubs you can join too. Also find out what (if any) licences you'll need, the governing body of your country will be best for this. The governing body will also provide information about tracks and classes.

This page seems relevant to your country: http://www.motorsport.co.za/msa/Content.asp?ID=7

5th July 2008, 11:56
Thank you very much, it is greatly appreciated. is it still to late to think about going into motorsport when I finish school? I'm not one of the wealthiest family's but were pretty well off...

8th July 2008, 09:47
Thank you very much, it is greatly appreciated. is it still to late to think about going into motorsport when I finish school? I'm not one of the wealthiest family's but were pretty well off...

As a career it's probably a stretch (Lewis Hamilton is 23 I think) but some people start late and do fine. Money helps but you can't buy talent and it's probably better to be learning to drive well in a cheap car than having something expensive and not driving it to it's full potential.

MOst likely though it'll be a hobby (an expensive one :D ). Don't let it deter you, me and my old man have started competing for the first time this year (car sprints, basically time trials) and it's great fun. Costs me a fair bit but I reckon it's worth it :D

9th July 2008, 10:00
Thanks! Great advice.

OK heres the deal. I've been driving for two years at karting level. I've won 3 or 4 races, but Im not that experienced. What are the chances of me getting looked at by sponsors and moving up the ranks in the world of motorsport? say formula ford or formula renault?

15th July 2008, 22:42
Wouldn't have a clue :D

Depends on local business, how good you actually are, how much potential you show etc. Formula Ford can be a family affair, as long as your parents are willing to help out. You won't necessarily be winning unless you spend pots of money but you might get noticed. Also investigate different championships. There are probably multiple FF champs to enter which vary in competition.

Try getting to some events and asking competitors how they got started and how they get sponsorship. Most people are pretty approachable as long as you don't choose a stupid time, like when they are changing a gearbox or something.

20th July 2008, 06:26
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