View Full Version : Siverstone Tough on Tyres

1st July 2008, 05:09
According to Bridgestone the team that manages graining the best has an advantage at Silverstone

"The hard compound enabled more consistent performance. However, if teams and drivers are able to manage the graining, the medium compound could be the preferred option in the race."

Silverstone is one of the more harsh circuits on the calendar, which is why we bring the hardest compound Potenza tyres from our range. It is a tough circuit for tyres in the sense of the layout and the track surface, which is one of the more abrasive we use,” said Hirohide Hamashima - Director of Bridgestone Motorsport Tyre Development. “Graining is always a consideration when coming into the final complex, and tyre management of this is an important aspect to getting a good result. Drivers require good stability from their tyres to give them confidence through the high-speed turns. Good heat and wear resistance are also desirable here."

Does Ferrari still have an advantage in this department?
Who will this affect the most adversly.
My guess is BMW.

1st July 2008, 09:59
I expect Ferrari to win this one.