View Full Version : Force India and Honda? That might spell trouble for Anderson

29th June 2008, 01:54
With Super Aguri thowing the towel, Force India has entered
the Honda Sweepstakes. That will put a wrench on the plans of Ken Anderson who is planning to enter a US F1 team. And Takuma Sato might be in the mix in 2009.



1st July 2008, 13:58
Do you really think they could get out ouf the Ferrari deal though?

I suppose we had a somewhat similar situation in 2006, when the Red Bull team wanted a switch to Renault engines, but they could unload them to the Torro Rosso team, which even if I remember correctly extended the deal compared to the original one with the main Red Bull team.

So personally I would be very suprised if this happened, but who knows?