View Full Version : Time for Rosberg to go . . .

21st June 2008, 21:08
. . . to a better team. Frank Williams' outfit ain't worthy of the Finn, er, German. But where to?

Ferrari, after Raikonnen hangs it up next season? Perhaps one more year at Williams is too much to ask. A straight swap for Massa? FW probably couldn't afford him.

BMW, as Quick Nick is getting hammered about his qualifying pace? Nico may have to compete with Alonso for that seat.

McLaren, to be the next measuring stick for LH? Kova has been up and down, which can't sit well with Ron.

Renault? It's almost a lateral move for him.

Toyota? Hey, they're looking better lately.

Honda? They'd want him--and they have Ross Brawn--but would Nico risk it during this critical stage of his career? I'm guessing "No."

Red Bull? Drivers seem set (Webber and Vettel)
STR? No way
Force India? No chance

21st June 2008, 21:29
Fishing! take his mind off work for a while!

21st June 2008, 21:47
as a Williams supporter from the days of Alan Jones it pains me to see how far Williams have fallen in recent years- the glory days are a long time ago now and really don't see them ever winning another race let alone a championship-

so yes I think Rosberg may do better elsewhere- but if he's going to move then only BMW, Ferrari or Maclaren will offer him a chance of winning - if he can't get into those teams he'd be better off staying where he is

21st June 2008, 23:17
Let's wait until 2009 and the new regs, which actually may benefit Williams. As a very experienced team they may gain next year as F1 in some way tries to turn back to 1990's era. Although whatever the gain will be, then probably Williams nevertheless won't make it into Top3 teams. Nico has hinted that he wants to stay at Williams until the end of 2009 to see whether they have any chance of rising to the top. After that the options are open - I think he may well get into McLaren if Kovalainen underperforms. Or into BMW in some way.

But for this to happen he himself must perform very well too. He has made mistakes in the last two races and looked more inconsistent than last year, and his stock may fall as a result. Hopefully he'll put in a good performance at Magny-Cours.

21st June 2008, 23:42
Rosberg is fine at Williams. No options elsewhere.

21st June 2008, 23:58
how safe would Heikki be at McLaren if Ron Dennis could get Nico

seen a Rumour that Williams will be powered by Honda next year

22nd June 2008, 02:21
Isn't Williams still the 3rd best team in F1's "all time" list? (As far as wins and championships), behind Ferrari and McLaren.
Renault had a few good years (prev Benetton), but they were still waaaay behind Williams when I last checked.
Although Williams looks down and out at the moment, I wouldn't count him out for too long.
Remember when McLaren were underperforming and people said they were finished? (they even had Andretti, Brundle and Coulthard driving for them during those years... no wonder).
Even if they are struggling now, pedigree seems to count. And Williams has plenty of that.

Valve Bounce
22nd June 2008, 02:35
Fishing! take his mind off work for a while!

Great snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef. Maybe Sato or Davidson might like a drive there for awhile.

22nd June 2008, 17:22
Well. Nico was beaten by Kazuki today, so he needs to raise his game to impress top teams. Now already three not-so-good performances in a row. So far Williams has been a perfect place for him to prove his worth, although now the car is becoming a bit too slow, only Force India was beaten today.

Valve Bounce
23rd June 2008, 00:18
Yeah!! let's put Brendan Fevola in the Williams for a couple of races. Nico can go play in the forward pocket for a couple of games. :p :

Bolton Midnight
23rd June 2008, 12:02
It seems just like a distant memory that Williams were at the sharp end, bit like Tyrrell and Brabham before they closed.

Bet BMW are laughing their heads off.

Valve Bounce
23rd June 2008, 12:27
It seems just like a distant memory that Williams were at the sharp end, bit like Tyrrell and Brabham before they closed.

Bet BMW are laughing their heads off.

There was much disagreement between Williams and BMW towards the end of their relationship. We will never learn the whole story but it was obvious BMW wanted to have a controlling interest in the team and were willing to pay for it, but Frank wanted to keep his team and run it himself.

Frank is a proud man, and he had good reason to be proud of what he had won in F1; I guess he didn't want to hand his team over to BMW.

I suppose if Honda stopped buggering around and gave total support to Frank, we'd see a resurgence of Williams Honda. Just another way of looking at the picture.

Bolton Midnight
23rd June 2008, 12:43
Honda engines, Nico and Jenson

Aye couldn't be any worse than things are now.

23rd June 2008, 12:49
It seems just like a distant memory that Williams were at the sharp end, bit like Tyrrell and Brabham before they closed.
Williams are not in the shape those two were in at the end of their lives, far from it and they're doing a better job comparatively than the works Toyota team. I'm not sure whether Frank & Patrick would go for it, but if they could establish the kind of partnership McLaren-Mercedes have then there is little doubt in my mind they would be right up there at the sharp end of the grid. Toyota would do well to consider looking at that as an option.

Nico seems to have committed himself long-term to Williams and only time will tell if that is wise for his career, but I certainly admire him for it.