View Full Version : Kubica talking Italian just before going onto podium...

Giuseppe F1
8th June 2008, 22:35
I love how the coverage this year shows all the 'behind the podium' goings on just before the top 3 step out.

If anyone else on the ITV feed (presumably others watching other international TV feeds heard it too if their respective commentators werent talking over it) heard Robert say something to one of the Cermony officials in Italian, here is the translation:

The Italian was along the lines of: (excuse my poor Italian spelling here!)

"Mi sono tutto coniolli (sp?) per l'ultime 20 giri"

Literally translating in English to:

"I was driving with my 'balls' for the last 20 laps"

Fantastic insight straight from the horses mouth! :)

(and will that be a 'Prancing' horse's mouth come 2009 I wonder? :) )

9th June 2008, 07:54