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23rd January 2007, 23:42
Ok ok it's not really a simulation. But it's so amazing. Addicting ^^

Many of you know the previous 3 TM Original, Sunrise and Nations (which was free), TM United is simply all 3 together with many other things as well.

Basically we have 7 different environments with different "blocks" (you can create your own maps using those) and different type of car reactions.

Yes you can use a personal skin - I have the Citroen Xsara WRC since Gigi got a deal :D now I need to change the colour to yellow and it's done LOL !

We go from 'total arcade' (and plain stupid :D such as Snow or Island environments) to 'awesome' (the two best environments, Coast and Stadium, which are those that I mainly play - and those I suggest to people who want to give a try).

There is also a Rally environment but it's nothing special, reminds me of Colin 5 with the car sliding like on ice :S

The best thing of TMU is the map creations, personal car skins, and the n.1 online interface, which is absolutely the best I've ever seen.

You can create your own server with the maps you want and the rules you want (time attack, rounds, laps ...), there are no collisions :D so you can go as fast as you want without worrying about the other crappy cars LOL.

Just want to know if somebody is playing it ... meanwhile we wait for Colin 6 Dirt ahah :)

23rd January 2007, 23:56
Some pics ... first two are COAST environment, all the others ... see up-right :) notice the sideway jump on the stadium (the best environment by no doubt ! Excellent for 'simulating' SSS of rallies - there is tarmac, dirt and green too ! Can have 10 min maps also ... even more than that).

http://images3.pictiger.com/thumbs/8c/fc1f71ae93d63a5024369d823128488c.th.jpg (http://server3.pictiger.com/img/817993/computer-games-and-screenshots/tmu-1.php) http://images3.pictiger.com/thumbs/9e/e7480dc9b9d50377fcef3b704fe4a09e.th.jpg (http://server3.pictiger.com/img/817994/computer-games-and-screenshots/tmu-2.php) http://images3.pictiger.com/thumbs/7b/36ea64f3eb74bdd99d3d63f067651c7b.th.jpg (http://server3.pictiger.com/img/817995/computer-games-and-screenshots/tmu-3.php) http://images3.pictiger.com/thumbs/e1/bfa2a2db41b4f77a0d32fc023fb21ae1.th.jpg (http://server3.pictiger.com/img/817996/computer-games-and-screenshots/tmu-4.php)

23rd January 2007, 23:56
http://images3.pictiger.com/thumbs/98/77706df3db5086167867a36890f25698.th.jpg (http://server3.pictiger.com/img/817997/computer-games-and-screenshots/tmu-5.php) http://images3.pictiger.com/thumbs/05/d785575b4cc184bbd25e2705ab091b05.th.jpg (http://server3.pictiger.com/img/817998/computer-games-and-screenshots/tmu-6.php) http://images3.pictiger.com/thumbs/34/0f55615fb40c0f5530db345eb0819334.th.jpg (http://server3.pictiger.com/img/817999/computer-games-and-screenshots/tmu-7.php) http://images3.pictiger.com/thumbs/54/2d678f16327f94ba63112e6d0ded2654.th.jpg (http://server3.pictiger.com/img/818000/computer-games-and-screenshots/tmu-8.php)

Mad cat jnr
24th January 2007, 17:17
Can we download this?


24th January 2007, 17:46
What is it, how is it, where is it, who is it

24th January 2007, 18:45
Can we download this?
You can download Trackmania Nations which is free and 265MB only - stadium environment (the best) with no dirt though... only asphalt and grass.

Here you are http://download.nvidia.com/downloads_emea/Trackmania_Nations/TmNationsESWC_Setup.exe

Trackmania United is not free, it's the latest Trackmania game and should cost from 22 to 40 euro depending on where you live - in some places it will be officially published in the next months.

What is it, how is it, where is it, who is it
What ... uhm already explained :) it's basically an arcade game (no collisions or damages) but it has some of the best racing physics ever created (on the stadium environment) and the online mode RULES !
How ... well, as you can see the graphic is great. You must have a ninja computer to play it smoothly anyway (or you must low details a LOT) :s the gameplay ? In the beginning I was a little disappointed because I thought all the environments would be like the Stadium one (as seen on Trackmania Nations) ... instead there are a couple which are actually CRAP ! Totally arcade and stupid physics too ... but you can ignore them and focus on what is good - stadium and coast in spite of all :) I'm actually starting to like Desert and Bay too, but the best remain those two (I'm always talking about handling of the car).

Where and who ... Nadeo (French company) is the developer, the official site should be http://www.tm-united.com

24th January 2007, 20:03
I absolutely loved TM Nations, I was so shocked to find it was free. I have never seen any of the other versions out and about, but I'll have a look for this one.