View Full Version : [IRC/ERC/PT]Rally Vinho Madeira 31.07-02.08

24th May 2008, 21:53
Next August will be held Rali Vinho Madeira-31/07 - 02/08

Rally Vinho Madeira (http://www.ralivm.com/)

21 stages

5th round of IRC series (http://www.ircseries.com/html/default.asp)

7th round of ERC 2008 (http://www.rally-erc.com/)

5th round of Portuguese Rally Championship (http://www.cnralis.com/)

5th round of Madeira Rally Championship

Rally regulations (http://www.fpak.pt/REG%20PROVAS%202008/RALI%20VINHO%20MADEIRA/REG%20RALLY%20VINHO%20MADEIRA%202008%20%28UK%29.pd f)

Opening date for entries- Monday 5th of May

Closing date for entries-Monday 14th of July

Publication of the list of entries accepted by the organizer-Wednesday,23rd of July 18:30 hours (GMT)

online results (http://www.ralivm.com/onlineResults/index.cfm)

Not too much to report for you now, only to say that will be the first time that all the competition and service cars will come to the Madeira island from Portugal by ferry-boat...