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Rally Fan
22nd January 2007, 18:59
Hi all
not sure where else to post this but here goes.

I am in yr 12 at the mo and thinking about doing a degree in Motorsport management. I dont really want to do engineering course as iam not good at maths or physics where as I am good at english,media and business needed more for the management side.
I was wondering does anyone know of any place in the U.K that does a course and and does anyone know the employment record after such a course is it a high level of employment or is it low?
I know that Swansea Institute of further ed has a course but was wondering if anyone knew of any other courses?

cheers :)

Rally Fan

22nd January 2007, 20:58
Would suggest you have a look at Oxford Brookes - seems very specialised towards motorsport. Although if it really is management you are looking at maybe look at doing a straight business management degree. Would suggest you talk to your careers advisor - or better yet someone in the business.

22nd January 2007, 21:22
It's always better to do a more mainstream degree and then either do a more specialised short course or post-grad course later.

Otherwise you are too restricted.

23rd January 2007, 02:55
I'd have to agree with the above statements per obtaining a general business degree first, then focusing on a concentration later in your post-graduate career (through internships, post-graduate degrees, etc). I know that the marketing guy for our FSAE team was simply a business/marketing major who applied his skills to a racing environment.

23rd January 2007, 14:53
I am an Oxford Brookes student studying motorpsort engineering and am now working at Williams F1. I agree with the above, i would consider a specific management/bussness course as opposed to a specialist one but i would still consider a university witha strong engineering school also. For example quite a few of the business/mangement students at Brookes get involved with media/management/financial side of our Formula Student team and travel out with them to the states/germany to do the marketing side etc etc. I belive this way would give you a solid general degree whilst allowing you to gain experience in the field you ultimately desire to be in! :)

Rally Fan
24th January 2007, 13:46
Cheers that sounds like a good idea :)

24th January 2007, 14:07
Cranfield Uni has loadsa motorsport related degrees.

Lots of cars go testing round there.

Its near Milton Keynes so you're within motorsport's Silicon Valley :)

Best to check their prospectus for your ideal course.

Rally Fan
24th January 2007, 18:13
Cheers wedge but cranfield do post grad iam looking for a under grad