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14th May 2008, 00:43
Mosley pushes customer car concept

unless they can find the money to become four-car teams themselves. This is not necessarily a bad idea because as manufacturers have proved over and over they may be good at building and selling road cars but they do not have the right mentality to go racing.

PS lewis was not mentioned in this article i just wanted to see how many hits this gets

14th May 2008, 01:16
How do you do it?

At first I was thinking "hey Max, why couldn't you have said this 2 weeks ago when it could have saved SA. But then I find out



Not only do you mis-represent the title with the Hamilton BS... But this should have been posted in the History and Nostalgia forum :p :

PS: I think a truthfull "Mosley backs costumer cars" title would generate as many views as this BS...

Valve Bounce
14th May 2008, 01:40
The guy has to be a Melbourne supporter - they have nothing else to talk about.

14th May 2008, 03:34
this is a post from today

Does Anybody Care About The Max Mosley Saga? (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/22890-Does-Anybody-Care-About-The-Max-Mosley-Saga-)
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