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Giuseppe F1
22nd January 2007, 14:28

Haymarket CEO to join Prodrive

Monday, January 22nd 2007, 13:36 GMT

Tony Schulp, Chief Executive of Haymarket Worldwide, will join Prodrive in the role of Group Commercial Director in March.

He will initially focus on establishing the commercial structure of Prodrive's Formula One entry for 2008, but will eventually oversee all of Prodrive's international sales operations in both motorsport and automotive projects.

"I am very pleased to welcome Tony to the Prodrive team at a time when we are looking at a number of exciting new opportunities," said Prodrive chairman David Richards.

"I have known Tony for many years and have always admired his energy and enthusiasm, which has shown in the products that he and his colleagues at Haymarket have created.

"Our two companies have worked together very successfully for many years and I look forward to Tony building on that relationship in the future."

Schulp has been part of the Haymarket Group for 29 years. During that period, he was responsible for the expansion of Autosport from a stand alone weekly title to a global brand, including exhibitions, custom publishing, websites and a sister title, Racer, in the USA. He also led the way for Haymarket's acquisition of Motorsport News and LAT from Teesdale, as well as the launch of F1 Racing, which is now published in 29 markets globally.

"It had to be a very special job to tempt me to leave Haymarket after all this time," said Schulp.

"This is a great opportunity to work in the motorsport world at the highest level and with a company that I have known and respected for many years.

"I would like to thank all my current and ex colleagues for their help and support over the years, as well as the many customers and clients who have become part of the Haymarket family."

22nd January 2007, 14:30

Giuseppe F1
22nd January 2007, 15:00

Dont shoot the messanger, buddy! :(

22nd January 2007, 15:01
As Tony Schulp led the launch of F1 Racing I guess we can expect everything about Prodrive to be "mega" :p :

Giuseppe F1
22nd January 2007, 15:48
As Tony Schulp led the launch of F1 Racing I guess we can expect everything about Prodrive to be "mega" :p :

PRODRIVE IS NOW DOOMED TO FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because who was the last F1 team to be involved officilay with 'F1 Racing' by means of sponsorship with a logo on the nose of their car....


...Yep! Mastercard Lola !!!!!

22nd January 2007, 15:53
Oh dear :dozey: :p :

Valve Bounce
22nd January 2007, 21:28
Who do you think the drivers will be?

22nd January 2007, 22:12
Who do you think the drivers will be?

the biggest bidder and the second biggest bidder.

(monteiro and doornbos)

23rd January 2007, 06:22
Or just maybe Paffett.

24th January 2007, 00:37
Given his track record, you would hope and expect David Richards to have everything under control. However, there has been a distinct lack of news in recent months, and the media are beginning to latch on to this.

Many questions remain unanswered, and I just hope that these concerns prove to be unfounded.