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Scuderia ferrari
20th January 2007, 21:58
Copying the F1 forum somewhat, but anyway.
1. It will be a close fight between Neal, Shedden, Plato, Thommo and Turkington
2. BMW will be good with BMW support at the start of the season.
3. Vauxhall may struggle
4. Givonardi will get afew wins
5. The grid will be packed with new cars and teams
6.Chilton will continue to turn out pre-season nosense like last year
7. Neal may loose his championship
8. It might be hard to tell the two orange teams apart, RAC and dynamics
9.Rockingham will be a welcome return to the BTCC calender.
10. The season will be a corker!

20th January 2007, 22:05
Thommo won't be in it so thats your first one out the window already!, but apart from that I agree.

Scuderia ferrari
20th January 2007, 22:08
Thommo won't be in it so thats your first one out the window already!, but apart from that I agree.

Oh, i thought it said that he was, is he in the wtcc then?

20th January 2007, 22:19
2. BMW will be good with BMW support at the start of the season.
Dont you mean WSR will be good with BMW support!

3. Vauxhall may struggle
4. Givonardi will get afew wins
No difference there then!

9.Rockingham will be a welcome return to the BTCC calender.

How can this be a prediction, as it already is a welcome return!

Alfa Fan
20th January 2007, 23:35
1. BMW will finally win a race in the new look BTCC
2. Fabrizio Giovanardi will be driver champion
3. Mark Smith will score a point in his Alfa
4. At least one Chevrolet will make an appearance at some point
5. Gordon Shedden will win at least 3 races
6. Erkut Kizilirmak will score at least one point
7. Dave Pinkney will win a race
8. Martyn Bell will complete the season on one engine
9. Richard Marsh will score a top 6 finish
10. A grid of 30 cars will be seen at at least one round

21st January 2007, 00:18
1. Neal WILL lose his title
2. Team Dynamics will struggle in the mid season
3. SEAT will win the teams & manufacturers titles
4. Drivers Title between Turkington, Plato, Turner & Neal
5. More than 1 RWD marque will score a win
6. A BTC car will win outright against s2000 at one round
7. A new manufacturer will come forward in 2007 with intention for entry in 2008
8. Steve Neal will be fairly quiet this year
9. Mark smith will hit double figures this year in points
10. 2 Chevrolets will make an appearence at some point in 2007

Brown, Jon Brow
22nd January 2007, 17:30
1) BMW will win races
2) Turkington will be champioship
3) SEAT will beat Vauxhall again in the manufacturas
4) Team Dynamics will have an awful season
5) Martyn Bell will get a top 5 finish :up:
6) TV audiences this year will beat F1
7) Tarquini will compete in at least one meeting ;)
8) Turner will beat Plato in the final standings
9) Motorbase will win a race
10) Jordan will be the fastest BTC-spec driver

Captain VXR
22nd January 2007, 20:35
1. Jason Plato will narrowly grab the title ahead of Neal, Chilton, Giovanardi, Turkington, Howell, Turner, Shedden and the as-yet unnamed WSR and Motorbase drivers.
2. Clyde Valley will appear half way through the season in something other than a Chevrolet, postponing them until 2008.
3. Three different models of BMW and Vauxhall will appear on the grid.
4. A Lexus will appear in the top five at at least one race.
5. An Alfa Romeo will win a race outright.
6. Some mainland european imports (not including the 120d/IS200) will appear.
7. A new manufacturer will say they will enter 2008 BTCC.
8. There will be carnage at Knockhill.
9. The best races of the season will be at Rockingham and Brands GP.
10. Entry grids of over thirty at some races :D

23rd January 2007, 23:57
1. Jason Plato will be Drivers Champion.
2. SEAT will win the Manufacturers Title.
3. Colin Turkington will win races in the BMW.
4. Both Motorbase drivers will win races in 2007.
5. A BTC spec car will win one race during 2007.
6. Team Dynamics Honda Civic will win at least one race.
7. Giovanardi will win a race in the Vauxhall Vectra.
8. Dan Eaves will not race a Chevrolet during 2007.
9. At least one new manufacturer will be named during 2007 to join in 2008.
10. One manufacturer will announce that 2007 will be their last year in the BTCC.

Captain VXR
24th January 2007, 20:15
That's how long anyone's got to make a post for a first round prediction.

24th January 2007, 22:48
1) Turkington will be champion
2) A BTC-spec car will win at least 1 race
3) 9 different drivers will win races during the season
4) Rockingham will provide the most exciting meeting of the year
5) Giovanardi will win at least 6 races this year
6) The Vectra will win at it's second meeting
7) Plato will leave the BTCC at, or before, the end of 2007
8) James Thompson will return part way through the season
9) The "rubbing is racing" debate will start again at the first meeting
10) The 2008 predictions thread will start before the final flag of 2007 has fallen!

25th January 2007, 09:08
Team RAC/WSR will win the independent championship
Turkington will be crowned independent and out right champion
Tom Onslow-Cole will be runner up
Seat will win Manufacturers championship (AGAIN)
Vauxhall will struggle
Jordan will get 3 wins
Fabrizio Giovanardi will be losing his temper......alot
All BTC-spec cars will do better than vauxhall
BMW will announce works team for 2008
Btcc 2007 will be the closet in years
Some BIG Arguments will happen between- Neal,Giovanardi,Shedden,chilton,plato

27th January 2007, 08:38
1) No bias intended but I cannot help but think SEAT will win the Manufacturers title and Jase the Drivers and DT will be second.

*1a)Ian Harrison and/or Steve Neal will probably complain at the end at SEAT having had a head-start on their teams!! :laugh:

2)TD's reign of dominance in the Independents will end with Turks and Team RAC winning the Independents crowns.

3)Though the Civic's of TD and the Vectra's of VXR will challenge well and achieve several good results and performances.

4)I think it will be between Tom Onslow Cole and Gareth Howell to be the surprise driver of the season with regard to form.

5)I think it will be between Motorbases Toledo's and West Suffolk Racing's 1-series BMW's to be the surprise teams of the season with regard to form (assuming WSR will enter. I have not heard anything of them from anyone at any time).