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6th April 2008, 20:08
Welcome to the real news in formula One.

I Assure you that Max Mosley or Bernie Ecclestone pay me a single penny to write this report.

Ok. So I am four races behind.
I apologize.

Did Alonso test the brakes of Hamilton today?
Masa forgot to make a mistake today?
Did Max Mosley enjoy his sexual life?

All this question will be answered pretty soon.

It is true that I try to quit when Montoya went to Nascar but I am back. Formula one needs me.

Thanks for reading and I will be back with my reports.

6th April 2008, 20:32
- Bernie?
-Yes, who is this?
-do you remember that guy from Australia that used to have a loser car?
-Yes, The one with bog red ears.
-Paul Stoddart?
-That is the one. He made the movie!
-Excuse me. I am lost. Who are you?

A long silence was coming from the phone. he man was thinking aloud.

-It is me. You know...
-Yes, it was Stoddart!
-What he did now?
-The video. everything is clear now.
-The sex video?
-There were no sex involved. Don't you see it?
-Yes, i saw the video with my girlfriend and we both see it as a porno material.
-It was Stoddart fault. Look: They told me that they were going to do an artistic movie to make some money for poor people in Africa.
-That is so altruist!
-That was what i said, so you know how shy I am but I will do anything for Africa, At least until we have a circuit there.
-I did not see Stoddart in the movie...
-Of course not. somebody have to do the movie shooting.
-Talk to Stoddart so your name will be clear and Africa receive as much money as legally possible.
-Stoddart is not answering my calls and now he wants me to quit Fotmula One!

More silence form the phone line.

-What should I do? I miss the races and not even Raikkonen wants me at his side and you know that Raikkonen is not a saint either.
-Do not quit Max.
-Thanks. That is what I need now. I know you are my friend. I want to kiss you Bernie.
-Anything for you Max. See you later.

The man with white hair make another call.

-Hello? listen, I want to sell a "few" shares in my portfolio.
-How many shares?
-Sell everything tomorrow morning and I want to invest in a DVD company.
-I do not understand...
-You do not have to understand. But I have some kind of "tape" that people want to see more than my races in the middle of the Sahara.
-Porno video?
-No,no,no. A porno video is when you get excited. this is a "career" movie.
-Who's career is in the line?
-Who cares, don't you want your 15%?
-A DVD factory coming up...
-That's my boy.

6th April 2008, 21:20