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30th March 2008, 21:34

Next week-end is held the first round of the 2008 french gravel rallies championship, in southern France, the Rallye Terre de Provence :D

Very good entrylist for this event with a few WRCs(among them no less than two Skodas !!) and many many GrNs !!!

Youngster Yoann Bonato will drive for the first time Didier Auriol Competition's Octavia WRC :)

Among non-french drivers at least three are coming from Belgium(the famous Munster, Bruyneel and Colsoul all in GrN cars), one from Switzerland, Jean-Thierry Vacheron(206 XS), one German, Karl-Friedrich Beck(206 XS) and another one I've never heard before, crew number 34 on the entrylist...

Full entrylist:

2nd April 2008, 19:48
№ 34 - it's Russian crew: businness driver Denis Grodetsky and professional co-driver Safoniy Lotko.
First of them is newcomer for French rallies, second was in France twenty years ago - as a co-driver of Alexander Potapov from works team Moskvich.

3rd April 2008, 10:05
Thanks Andrey !!! Good to hear more foreigners come to run in France :p :

3rd April 2008, 10:27
Will there be Bryan Bouffier in this serie in 2008 again?

3rd April 2008, 11:25
I don't think it was planned for him to run the french gravel this season :confused:

He would have written it in his official press release... ;)

5th April 2008, 13:53
Positions after three stages:

1. Prive
2. Guigou at 20s80
3. Frau at 30s80
4. Magaud at 39s60
5. Chambon at 42s80

5th April 2008, 13:56
Results after three stages on http://pagesperso-orange.fr/ecurie.lavande/Provence/classements/accueil_clt.html ;)

5th April 2008, 17:30
At the end of the first day, these are the standings:

1. Prive
2. Chambon at 17"9
3. Guigou at 35"3
4. Bonato at 48"5
5. Frau at 49"4
6. Magaud at 1'16"8
7. Munster at 1'34"4
8. Villepreux at 1'44"0
9. Chieusse at 1'45"0
10. Colsoul at 2'11"5

12th April 2008, 11:48
Is there a chance that Yoann Bonato runs more gravel rallies in France with the Octavia WRC?

12th April 2008, 11:53
Is there a chance that Yoann Bonato runs more gravel rallies in France with the Octavia WRC?

I think the entire gravel championship is on his program :confused: