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15th March 2008, 00:36
Check this out:

So, tha's how he wins. A little shot before getting in the car and then
H E W I N S!!!!! As he said, it has worked so far, so why change it?? God bless him.......... :)

15th March 2008, 04:46
By rolling their eyes the Ferrari staffers were doing nothing different to the rest of our country.

Sometimes I think journalists just like the sound of their own voices. The media in Australia are 1 part 'among the best in the world', 50 parts 'morons and oxygen wasters'.

The F1 Grand Prix paddock is a prized ticket amongst those media types who suffer from a pathological need to feel special. They get their fix by being seen at such events as an F1 Grand Prix even though they think the cars are smelly and noisy.

The social pages and the fashion pages are always over-represented at the F1 circus whilst the talented sports writers (of which there are many in Australia) are relegated to writing their copy at home, from a TV feed.

Any idiot can hold a microphone, its only when they open their mouths that we get to truly appreciate their vacuousness. :)

15th March 2008, 07:58
this may be one of the taken out of context or misinterpreted.


Sporting codes support Govt crackdown on binge drinking

KEVIN RUDD PM: Millions of Australian kids play sport. We believe that by engaging the peak sporting bodies in this fashion, we have a real opportunity to turn the corner on this problem, which is confronting so many families, so many communities, right across Australia.

15th March 2008, 08:25
Stupid journalists with stupid questions. Sometimes I can understand dictators (roll eyes).

15th March 2008, 18:19
Stupid journalists with stupid questions. Sometimes I can understand dictators (roll eyes).

:) :) :) :) :)

15th March 2008, 18:48

Just as long as stays off the kool aid, or else he might be blinded.... or pushing the neutral button or pit road speed limiter or whatever