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16th January 2007, 16:36
Hey Guys

Im running a fantasy formula 1 championship back home for this season, and i have all the details ready apart from for Toro rosso. ive spent a whole week trying to find any information whatsoever as to when they will release the car and announce their drivers for this season. Ive checked the official website and major formula 1 sites and have found nothing. My idea was to get the rules and regulations out for the start of February, but im seriously doubting that i can without knowing anything about Toro Rosso for the upcoming season.

So if any forum member could give me any information about Toro Rossos line-up for next season, it would be very much appreciated.

Thank You :)

Nikki Katz
16th January 2007, 18:30
They've announced several times that their drivers will probably be Speed and Liuzzi again. But the fact that some 4 months after this was first said neither are confirmed means it's quite likely one may be replaced. Monterio and Doornbos have been speculated about.
I'm sure they'll announce their drivers some time before the start of the season, and as the car seems to be a replica of the 2007 Red Bull but with a different engine it won't be a problem for them to get the car ready (providing the FIA don't decide against this, but with just 2 months to go it looks unlikely), but the start of February might be a bit optimistic.
Last thing I heard about it was Berger stating that he'd like it all to be sorted before the end of 2006. Oh well...

18th January 2007, 15:22
Thank you for that, i will keep my eyes open for something :)