View Full Version : 2007 New Car Launches - BMW Sauber

16th January 2007, 08:37
Launched at Valencia today :)

16th January 2007, 08:51
Any more pictures? Coz as it is it has more or less the same livery as last year, which I'm not fond of. I hope Honda sticks with the black livery for '07 because so far the car liveries havent been that good.

Giuseppe F1
16th January 2007, 09:01
Thanks Arrows - interesting that the Viking Horns have gone for now it seems

16th January 2007, 09:06
Eh, nothing new livery wise. Good for them if it goes like schtick, though. (But I still dislike the team)

Giuseppe F1
16th January 2007, 09:08
O2 logos have gone as rumoured so fully expect these to appear on the Renault when it is launched owing to their Telefonica owners

jonny hurlock
16th January 2007, 09:35
more pics


16th January 2007, 09:46
Looks like a change of helmet for Heidfeld, though that haircut needs to match his beard. I reckon he should go for the ZZ top style - Cmon Nick, all or nothing! :D

16th January 2007, 10:57
I see. Umm, I think more was expected from BMW, especially what concerns colour theme. In December several nice pics appeared, but as it has turned out, it's still more or less the same.

Well, it looks like nothing revolutionary from them either. We'll see whether it's gonna be another step forward or they are going to suffer "second season syndrome" with several unexperienced rookie drivers.

16th January 2007, 11:01
Its not too different to their old livery which is not a really bad thing as we dont need any more red on the grid!
Damn, I miss the old Jordan liveries....surely some team needs to be radical and brave atleast in its choice of livery if not car design? :)

16th January 2007, 12:05
Well thats an interesting place to put the bridgestone sticker... is anyone gonna see it there?

edit: just seen the side pics on F1racing.net pictures... and the ones on the front wing mounts might be a little more visible, but they are all hard to see, wonder if bridgestone will be sending them tires from the "b" pile... :p

16th January 2007, 12:14
omfg BMW Sauber have replaced Nick Heidfeld with Obe Wan Kenobi to drive for them this year!!!!

16th January 2007, 15:06

I like the look of the BMW. The livery is clean and uncluttered. Whilst it doesn't look too disimilar to last years, if something ain't broke then don't fix it.

jonny hurlock
16th January 2007, 15:16

looks like nick's got a new crash helmet design, while kubica gone back to his wsr days

16th January 2007, 19:25

Interesting article. An advantage for smooth drivers like Button and Heidfeld?

16th January 2007, 19:51

Interesting article. An advantage for smooth drivers like Button and Heidfeld?

Not only, they will all have to start DRIVING again!
We will maybe be able to tell drivers from those who only steered their car like in a PC game!
It would be great, finally!

Maybe this theme deserves it's own thread?!
I leave it to the moderators to decide.

Mickey T
16th January 2007, 21:05
the most interesting thing out of the whole launch was one line from Peter Sauber.

BMW had him up on stage with Mario and Willi and he was eventually asked exactly what he had to do with the team these days.

His reply: "Nothing."

in one word, BMW's carefully crafted pretence of maintaining the connection with the little team of crafstmen was shattered. I wonder how many other journos will actually write something about it?

16th January 2007, 21:19
It looks like a trash compactor with all that sh!t hanging off of it.

Ferrari will stomp it !!!!

17th January 2007, 16:44
I must admit, although there's little to differentiate between the '06 and '07 cars, I have to say I preferred the '06 one