View Full Version : my 2008 season wish list

19th February 2008, 10:50
Hi all,

The new season is around the corner; normally, this time of the year I will make a wish list & here it goes:

top ten wish list on drivers

1) Webber finally wins a GP (very remote) & switch career to triathlon (plausible)
2) A rookie out scores his more experience teamate (Can't wait to see)
3) The 4 way fight for WDC continues
4) Webber for once finish more than half of the season's races without breaking the car (can be done i supposed)
5) Hiedfeld wins a GP & work as a test driver next season (he has the best outside shot but he needs some luck and a superb drive like Button did in Hungary)
6) Renault's lap time reduced by 0.6s with the return of the two time World Champion
7) Vettel on podium & send DC or Webber packing
8) Jenson wins the British GP (Remind you, it's a wish list)
9) Heikki winning GP(S) (Anything less will end his F1 career prematurely)
10) Ant on podium (Assuming Super Aguri is still racing)

top ten wish list on teams

1) Willaims back on podium regularly
2) Red bull gets pole position
3) Force India scores some points
4) Toro Rosso changes the car livery. (I thought it was a squid the first time I saw it)
5) Super Aguri finds a new sponsor & able to develop it's own chassis
6) Renault back in WDC & WCC contention
7) BMW wins a GP on merit
8) Renault redesign their team uniform (It looks silly)
9) Honda runs on biofuel such as used KFC frying oil and scores more points than the 2007 season (Not likely due to FIA fuel regulation but hey, it's a wish list)
10) Toyota finally figured out why they are even in the sport (I don't have the slightest clue)

top ten wish list on F1

1) Cheaper gate ticket
2) Interactive TV viewing
3) Revive US & Suzuka GP
4) Bring the V10 back
5) New points system 20,15,11,8,6,4,2,1
6) Waive blue flag rule
7) Ban team Bs
8) Starting position based on the best time of all 3 sessions rather than the 3rd session
9) No more Tilke tracks
10) More money distributed to the GP race organizer or track owner