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    Global RallyCross Series

    What is the main tech differences btw the World and Global supercars?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sulland View Post
    What is the main tech differences btw the World and Global supercars?
    pojken question need lite precisering (fan jag vet inte vad precisering är på Änglische)

    Do you mean what are differences prior to the new announcement or after new announcement?

    After the ''Big Announcement'', they are some cute little thing made by Oldsberg Motorsport in Nynäshamn (någonstans i busken söder om Stockholm)
    more or less like this:

    Which is structured to be a real money making deal for we see from their bold font in red:

    OMSE is the official and sole licensed suppiler of parts for Supercar Lites for all series: RX2 FIA World Rallycross, RallyX Nordic and Global Rallycross.
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    Could Ford have any involvement at a 'road block' marketing level with GRC? As the Olsbergs ME vehicle skins have a likeness to the Ford Fiesta? Ford are pulling out probably of WEC so there might be a few roush yates 3.5 v6 turbo engines left over in the workshop.

    The silence of the other teams one would have to consider whether there is a break away series being planned. The Supercars are prepared just need a track and an outside broadcast truck/ webcast setup etc.

    Have the GRC organisers not heard of success ballast and turbo restrictors?

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    IMG the promotor of the WRX, is starting their own American Rallycross Championship. They probably asked the teams to remain silent until the big announcement is made.

    As far as the new Gold class. Apparently Olsbergs has completely withdrawn from GRC and is not involved with this new class. We will have to see if these Gold cars will ever see the light of day anyway. First round was cancelled and so far I have not heard of a single driver that is intending to compete in this.

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