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    2018 North America

    Atko to be on North American stages for Subaru in 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeakiwi View Post
    Atko to be on North American stages for Subaru in 2018

    Just another rich guy doing absolutely nothing to add any interest to the sport.
    last several years the only guys who give one flying f**k about the so called "National Championship" are 14 to 23 year old, soft skinned, overweight, baseball hat wearing rabid Subaru-fan-bois who infest every rally related forum and FB page.
    There is no spectacle and no honor in Subaru USA funding open class cars costing 10 times what they cars they compete "against"....and the fleets of garage built barely warmed over VW Golves or old near stock GC8s and GDs..
    No honor at all in deploying a multimillion dollar effort to crush clubbies, so after 16 years of this it is getting mind numbingly boring.....

    Now if Atko came over with a effort matching the normal effort, came over as just one of the guys..driving a "typical" level car..that would be abnother thing---
    Like when Brendon Reeves came over and did 4-5 "Nationals" in a Fiesta FWD in a good spec and promptly beat every car except Higg-strana and or Ben Klock, that was fun....It demonstrated one thing very clearly: he can drive and all those dozens of turbo Subarus and the one or 2 Evo guys can't....
    John Vanlandingham
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    John, what do you think would be the one or two biggest changes that could be made that would improve competition (hopefully public interest too) in American rallying? I've always been into rally but followed it seriously only since I've lived outside the US, so I never had much exposure to NA rallies. When I have, it's been much as you described.

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    Today it's the last day of the Sonora Rally, a four-stage rally held under Dakar Rally rules (no GPS tracks, no maps, etc).
    Motorball Derby

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    Breaking news in short track off-toad truck racing: the Crandon, Bark River and ERX racetacks left TORC for Lucas Oil.
    Motorball Derby

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