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    Quote Originally Posted by KiwiWRCfan View Post
    listen carefully at the end
    "I Loeb you"
    "I Loeb you to"
    It's a really strong marriage of long time rally fans.
    I just lost 40 secs of time I will never get back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarek Z View Post
    A tourist?! What will you say about the regular WRC drivers, who couldn't keep up Loeb's pace then?
    Jeez I've been away for too long. What I meant by that was that having high expectations wasn't justified. However, if and indeed he was able to keep up with the big names of today it would show how great he is. I don't think many other drivers would have been able to come back after such a long time with such changed cars and be competitive. I'm not a hater. Eventhough I don't root for him or his team I absolutely conceed that he is one of the alltime greats.

    Me calling him a tourist driver wasn't trying to insult him but a means of saying even if he wouldn't perform, it wouldn't take away from his status of a worldclass driver.

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