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Yes, I don't know how the 2017 WRC cars but before it was around 60-70l/100 km, old WRC cars 15-20 years a go even more than 100l/100 km. R5 today have also around 60l/100km I think (br21 knows better for sure).

Anyway in the turbo cars large part of the consumption is taken by ALS. That's why I think that the most meaningful way how to integrate some often discussed hybrid systems into rally is to implement semi-electric turbochargers without classic ALS. It would be relatively easy to implement (I think) and it would bring fuel consumption to much lower values without changing the appearance of the cars, i.e. it would look good for marketing reasons but for petrolheads not much would be changed in terms of sound and spectacle (sound slightly). It would be theoretically good also for reliability.
Mirek, one more big supporter of this concept here. You raised very valid points, only one that is touch open to dispute is “It would be relatively easy to implement (I think)” – the engine manufacturers/tuners got slightly bad taste of this system due to the struggles of some of the F1 engine manufacturers, though if you don’t try to squeeze every last ounce of performance out of the system, things should be a lot more manageable. I also suspect drivers would love it.